please participate!! semen leakage in urine during reboot time :(

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Hi everyone, i am a new member to this forum, so this is my first post here. First of all, i just wanna show my sincere appreciation toward Mrs. Marnia and Mr. Gary who create these helpful websites that probably is the life saver for thousands of people like me, and also to members who are willing to share their stories, experiences .
Secondly, i would like to introduce myself w/ a lil history. I am a 26 years old male, started masturbating since the age of ten, and it had ruined my entire adolescent life w/ lots of health problems. When i realized masturbation is very unhealthy for me, i had made several attempts to quit but without any true success. However, there were 2 events that happened to me this year which completely change my whole life. The first was that i was dating this cute girl for a month, and during this time i was able to recognized my bigger sexual problems. Each time when i made out w/ her, there were a lot of precum leaked from my lil boy, and even worse, i realized that my boy could not erect properly. This really freaked me out, especially when the girl asked me to have sex w/ her. That was the first time in my life that i have a girl asked me for sex, and i never had sex before; however, i had to find reason to refuse her which made me feel so upset and mad about myself. That was when I started going on internet for hours for days before bed to find information about quitting porn and masturbating, and i finally found out about yourbarinonporn and then this website. After reading almost every post, i decided to take the action.
Until now, it's been 4 months for me without porn and masturbation, and this is the biggest achievement of my life. I never feel so proud of myself like this before, and i promised myself that if i can make it to 6 months, i will post my success story here so it can benefit others. During this reboot period, there were a couple times that i wanted to give up, but then every time i wanted to do so, i tried to remember the time the girl asked me to have sex. When i thought of it, i really felt the bitterness of that experience which pushed me harder to not give up. Now, i must say i already quit that terrible addiction, but then there still remains 1 more problem that really bugs me and make me write this post today. That is the seminal leakage even w/o erection, and i also see it in my urine. The semen that leaks out most of time look like water and precum, and i am really worried about it. I even bought a herbal medicine called NFcure from India that i found out on the internet; however, i havent taken them yet, i am afraid that it will have side effects or something. So please give me some advice everyone, i am very grateful for your input !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's happened to me and it's

It's happened to me and it's happened to others on here. I don't think you can stop leakage, your body keeps making it, it has to go somewhere. Even if your nfcure works, you will probably have wet dreams.
The only cure I know of is energy circulating solo exercises, and they seem to be for more advanced students...

It may settle down

when you have a partner to share yourself with. I've read that stallions sometimes leak a bit too. I wouldn't worry about it. It's possible your body just hasn't caught up completely with the decline in demand. you still have her number? Wink

thanks everyone

thank u so much for quick responses !! Marnia and u guys make this forum become so amazing and supportive, i should have decided to join in long time ago Sad ... It's such a relief when i know other people also have this type of problem. The reason that makes me worried about it is that i see the leakage quite often even if i am not aroused by sexual images. Every time i go the restroom, i can see my urine is very cloudy and oily, and i guess these are semen.
@ Cadethefaun: i am actually really interested in Mantak Chia's Taoist practice, but then when i did my research i heard many contradict comments about these exercises, so i am still very skeptical
@Freedom: After doing many research about sexual energy, i believe that this type of energy is really the life force , so when i see my semen leak out, i feel like i am losing my energy. Also, a year ago when i tried to go w/o masturbating for only 2 months, i felt so great, and it was like i got my full energy back. However, this time, i quit it for 4 months, even though i feel much better, but it's not as good as the 2 month period. So, i just think b/c i lose my energy from the leakage.
@Marnia: hahah yes i still have her number, and actually, you know last week she wanted to meet me, so i met her at a restaurant. After done eating, she asked me if i can take her home w/ me b/c she said she just got into an argument w/ her parents. And once again i rejected her by saying that i have my cousin visiting me at my house rite now ... I just dont have enough confidence yet !!!! Anyway, I already tried Kegel exercises before during the reboot time, but then i realized that after doing these exercises for few weeks, i couldnt erect at all. I dont know if it's because of the flat period or the Kegel, but that made me scared so i didnt do it anymore. Thank you for your encouragement Marnia, i will try to stay calm and continue w/ my path
Please continue to participate everyone, thank u so much. Oh 1 more thing, has anyone here tried out NFCure yet ?? I was so desperate so i bought them, but still not sure of its quality

Did you ever not have this

Did you ever not have this issue? Are you certain this cloudiness in your urine is semen? What about foods you eat, inadequate water intake, etc?

Perhaps it's not the end of the world to lose a little life force here and there. Compared to ejaculating as is considered normal, this volume must be rather small.

That's the thought I had, too

If you're body is off-loading semen, it's because it's surplus. I think there's such a thing as "too long a reboot," too. It really may be time to get with that eager woman of yours and do some snuggling. I think that will raise your spirits.

Assuming there is a too-long

Assuming there is a too-long period, wouldn't there be consistent signs at that extreme? I don't see how that can be. Has PMO been tricking not only our minds, but also our bodies into thinking we've been mating/bonding? If not, then what do our bodies care? If yes, then perhaps there are other ways to address that lack beyond those already considered. We might know one day when science or us guys get to that point.

Wouldn't we have to separate this into too long without bonding neurochemicals, ejaculation, or orgasm? Some people might get enough bonding chemicals from their lifestyle. The consensus on the other two has been that wet dreams will take care of things if an when that is needed.

I'm understanding your too-long to not mean physically too-long, but rather that the new obsession for lack of a better term can become abstaining at the expense of engaging the other sex and risking failure be it ED, orgasm, relapse, etc. Is that what you mean or something else?

Certainly any practice

can become too extreme. The Church fathers demonstrated that. :P

But I was just thinking of what I said. Some people naturally seem to transmute their sexual energy when they retain it. Others master transmutation by using practices like these: Others aren't suited for it, or not yet, or simply need contact with a partner for best results.

I'm certainly not suggesting that returning to porn would be beneficial. [blinzel] I'm just saying that I have seen some guys reach a point of diminishing returns if they get too worried about losing their life force the exclusion of exchanging loving energy with a partner for months on end.

According to some of what I

According to some of what I believe, we are supposed to aim to be androgynous in order to be more complete. Swapping yin/yang energy with a female is a good way to increase the yin in your yin/yang balance. I believe this is what is meant by androgynous in some spiritual mythoses, that you are very yin-yang balanced.