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A week ago I've found the YBOP site, ve read it all and felt that life change feeling by finding my problem. I Immediatly started the reboot process, desperate to solve my problem.
This seven days has passed and I was feeling great, but yesterday I have had a wet dream. I cant remember the dream, just woke up wet (hasn't happened in months) and sad for been unable to hold on.
I really dont know if this was a failure because it has happened during my sleep. Was it?
I was able to think on a couple of reasons for this: On that night I've watched a movie with some naked girls, wasn't porn wich I'm sucessfully avoiding all the time without watching or thinking about it. Just a tv movie with some tits and sex scenes that wasn't enough to cause an erection. I'm also starting something with a girl that I just met, I'm really liking her and I was thinking on her before falling asleep. Whatever the reason, I felt bad for being unable to hold on longer... So my question is if it is normal, good or bad that this has happened so early on my reboot process and what should I do about it? I'm 29. Thank you all!

You're good

This process is a roller coaster, and for some guys wet dreams are part of the normalization. Stay on track no matter what, focus on what you can control.

Some guys

have wet dreams early on in the process, others don't. Nothing to do about it, except relax. Just keep rebooting and see where it leads.