Virgin, Off PMO and real intimacy.

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Ok, so can someone explain how a normal and natural rise and fall of dopamine should work in a real relationship (between a couple that love each other deeply).

Likely building an expectation around orgasm is pretty futile, superficial and bound to be disappointing but I'd like to know how abstinence from PMO and involvement with a girl changes desire, expectation, dopamine release and the overall sexual experience?

I suppose the vain hope is that orgasm retains the intensity experienced while using pornography. Is this realistic?
My expectation though is that porn overexcites while real intimacy has a less intense reaction in the brain?

Should dopamine increase with each sexual experience and an "addiction" form with your partner as it typically does with porn?
And when the level of dopamine hits a low, the craving for her love increase again?
Can one expect the desire, intensity and sexual fulfilment to be near, the same or lesser than what was experienced with porn?

I hope that makes some sense and thanks in advance.

These are good questions

If you're *really* interested, read our book (that red thing in the left-hand margin) as that's what it's all about. Smile

In a sense you're right. Falling in love with a mate *is* supposed to be a bit addictive. The center of the brain that governs it, is the very center that porn (and all drugs) hijacks.

Orgasm with a partner produces a different cocktail of neurochemicals than masturbating to porn. At first you may not feel as much during sex as you did when edging to porn, simply because your brain won't totally be rewired.

But with time, as your brain returns to normal sensitivity, you may find real sex even more deeply satisfying and enjoyable.