Yoga and sacred sex

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I've been a frequent visitor to this site for some time, and can gladly confirm the findings presented. Over the past six months of trying this method of sexual activity, I can only say that the differences in my marital relationship - and in my life in general - have been profound. I look forward to continued spiritual growth.

I have been thinking of incorporating yoga into my daily life. Can anyone comment on whether this would make even more of a difference?

Thanks for sharing.

I hope Marnia won't mind if I reveal that she is a yoga practitioner. She's out of town, right now. She may comment when she comes back.

If you feel inclined to practice yoga, just give it a try and you'll see!


Do you want to blog your journey?

Btw, if you want to blog regularly about your discoveries along this journey of experimenting with this new form of sexuality, let me know and I can set you up with a blog here.

You can post your experiences, feelings, what you did, what works, what doesn't work for you, or whatever thoughts you have on the topics that are more or less related to the topic of this web site (sexuality, spirituality... yoga, even).



I use yoga as a stretching exercise, not as a spiritual discipline, although it can be used as both. I'm not sure what difference it makes. My husband sometimes meditates and also sometimes does Qi Gong. He thinks both are somewhat helpful.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad the material has proved useful.