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After 10 days up untill day 11 (had a wet dream), I think I felt some slight sexual megnetism.

Initially i've been feeling down alot due to withdrawal symptoms because of the quit. However, as days went by my confidence and social awareness has been increasing for the first time in years especially at its peak (day 10) I was amazed of the feeling. Unfortunatly that night I had a wet dream and have been feeling withdrawal symptoms yet again on day 11 :(.

So my question is... Is this feeling of overwhelming confidence and security the glimpse of sexual magnetism?

I was talking open and positive to people for once, I also noticed that my language was fluent towards others and I enjoyes their company. The day after my wet dream i felt down again and i miss the feeling of my new self. I thought I was getting somewhere.

Is it possible to attain this feeling constantly with time and patience of no PMO? Was I being delusional on day 10? Do I need to unblock all sexual energy first? How would it take to feel like this new me?

Thank you, and good luck on your journey all the best