BBC Radio 4 programme: Children & Internet Porn

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From a blogger - listen to a snippet of a BBC radio program on kids and porn.
Today I heard a troubling discussion of the phenomenon of Internet pornography addiction amongst youngsters. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this may be widespread. In the public interest I have converted the relevant part of the BBC Radio 4 programme (Broadcasting House) into an mp3 and => made it available to you <=. I hope this won’t upset the BBC!


UK copyright law has no fair

UK copyright law has no fair use? Either way, BBC wouldn't serve themselves to do anything about a roughly 10 minute portion not being commercialized.

Blocking doesn't seem the way. That makes it more desirable and more addictive. Education and values changes might make more sense.

The shame issue is interesting. Are we sure we aren't misinterpreting a child experience with an adult brain? Keep in mind most of these experts do not agree with much being discussed here. Children will always find a way if they want to.