♥ a really good day practicing Karezza

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What a sensational day so far.

We had a session of PIV towards the end of the day, second day in a row. Lasted longer than ever, about 35 minutes. My erections came and went and it was all fine.

She said it was better on an empty stomach (Dr. Bass had that right for SURE) and then she decided she was hungry and we snuggled a bit, plugged in for a few more minutes and then got up to make dinner.

And we really talked about stuff.

She said this is more relaxing for her and she likes it better (than the "old" way we had sex.) She said it didn't feel different to her at all, and she asked me how it felt for me and I tried to tell her. I'm so grateful that she is honest with me.

I told her that I had felt lonely and detached with the sex we were having and that I felt bad about either being a pile driver or having to masturbate to orgasm much of the time. She really understood.

During intercourse I felt from her energy that she could orgasm and I asked her if she wanted to and if she wanted me to help her, and she said that I wasn't so she wouldn't. She feels like trying non-orgasmic for a bit. In a way a part of me is a little disappointed, the little ego me, because I don't get to help her cum. But of course it's good, it's very good.




I'm so glad to hear things are warming up and you're having some real connection. I bet she will continue to like it more and more, especially if she continues to stay pre-orgasmic with you sometimes.

thank you!

I'm so thrilled!

I never asked her not to orgasm and I'm glad she is not trying to have an orgasm (as opposed to trying not to have them).

I am just being completely honest here and wanted to mention the part of me that was sorry about this. It is GREAT actually.

I can feel things changing and our getting more in sync much more quickly than I expected based upon the wonderful support you all have given me here.

I think that Darryl is so spot on. Men can maintain their quiet path and set the example of what they are seeking and women respond to that masculine quality of knowing what he wants.

And my woman has seen the amazing changes in me and my enthusiasm for her and she has felt it and also, she has seen me never insist about sex and finally get over the "pressure" element of my neediness.

We spend a lot of time in bonding behaviors which I had to insist on at first which upset her. But now she's really into them too. And she is learning that I love her wishes with regard to intercourse and truly I don't feel at all bad if she doesn't want to do it.

This is interesting:

Yesterday we had a bit of very bad financial news. She was away when I got the news. I had asked her about making love earlier, and she had said she didn't want to and I had said, fine. When she got back she saw that I was upset and she instantly assumed it was due to her turning me down.

After I explained what it was really about, she stressed out (with me) over the news. Turns out the news wasn't bad after all, it was a mistake. But she "got" the fact that I'm not feeling bad or anything if she doesn't want to have sex with me and that I love her honesty and just want what she wants.

I think something clicked with her and now she trusts me much more and she initiated this intercourse...she came to me and asked if I wanted to come to bed with her later in the day after this news event and the aftermath of finding out it was a mistake and the misunderstanding regarding my bad mood when she had returned.

This morning we were snuggling and I asked if I could connect and she said yes so we did it that way for a few minutes. Then she gave me a quick hug and I knew it was time to get up. But that was so very nice and no big deal and it just keeps getting better. I am showing her that I won't be pressuring her for anything and I feel a whole new, much better and wonderful rapport and dynamic between us more than ever before.

This really is the most wonderful thing ever to happen to me, quite honestly.