Day 37 - Another wet dream

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Woke up this morning like I had just been attacked by Slimer from Ghostbusters. If the wet dreams continue at this rate, i'm going to run out of clean underwear and will have to sleep commando in a huge bin bag.
The dream itself was remarkably vivid and detailed but unfortunately it wasn't the healthy sex with a partner type, but was actually the masturbating to porn type. The detail was amazing though including such small things as not being fully erect until the end, the video I was watching involved Sasha Grey, and came complete with a progress bar at the bottom that I could click on.
I am stunned at how devious my little brain is in producing such an accurate simulation of what it wants, and it just shows how deeply ingrained the habit still is. Any thoughts on if this type of dream is damaging to progress at all? I know they can't be avoided so such discussion is only out of interest I suppose.

Another interesting effect I have noticed since giving up PMO that I have not seen reported by anyone else, so it may be unrelated, but usually my sense of balance is that of a concussed weeble doing a headstand. Putting my socks on I would often end up head butting the wardrobe, but now I can stand on one leg and stick out any appendage I choose without even a wobble for as long as I want. Anyone else noticed anything similar? Could be that I am generally less fatigued or that I am more aware and alert?


Intersting. I've never had a

Intersting. I've never had a wetdream but I've never gone more than 3 weeks without masturbating. Wetdreams aren't always sexual! You can orgasm in your sleeping without a sexual thought in your mind. Could it be you are just having these dreams and they are actually separate from your ejaculation.

And for the could maybe buy something like this and wear it at night? WARNING: NAKED PICTURES OF MEN. Do not want to interfere with anyone's reboot or HOCD. Basically, if you are circumsized you slip it over your penis and it restores the natural feeling and sensitivty you would get from a foreskin. The head of the penis gets calloused scratching against jeans and boxers...that protects it. You would probably only have to wash it out every morning WHILE restoring senstivity. It'll make sex more fun when you do start too (I'm just assuming you're circumsized, if not you could still wear it...or just put a bag on your penis?)

And that thing about balance. I just wrote in my blog about depersonalization. You just feel out of it. I'm sure you feel much more alert with testosterone surging through you. A very intelligent friend of mine told me coaches tell players not to have sex or masturbate before a game because they'll have more energy if they don't...I don't know how true it is but it makes sense. My balance is SHIT.

Uh. How the hell did you come

Uh. How the hell did you come across that product? That is hilarious! I might buy one just to slap people with, or to make a brilliant finger puppet. "Hey kids, my name is Frank foreskin! Oh look! Here comes the labia twins!"
As for the balance thing, I wasn't talking about psychological or emotional balance, so depersonalisation is not a factor. I meant balance as in the objectively measurable ability to stand on one leg without taking a bite out of the floor.

OK...I'm picturing you

standing on one foot in a ballerina pose in a bin bag. Have I got it right?

Actually I think someone else mentioned increased balance...but it's been a very long time. I've definitely heard a few musicians say their movements/playing became more fluid. Dopamine is key to movement. In fact, Parkinson's patients get the shakes due to low dopamine, so that may help explain why you feel more coordinated as your dopamine balance improves. Dunno.

Naughty brain! What can you do? Enjoy the movies and don't fantasize during the day.

*big hug*