Your Church on Porn, Part II

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I spoke to the youth pastor at my church yesterday about some sort of a support group or something similar to help people with porn addictions. He and I have a great relationship. He echoed some of my thoughts, particularly the fact that porn is the big elephant in the room as far as churches go. Tons of porn users, but no one wants to deal with it and try to help them.

He was very open to the idea of try to do something like that. He had some suggestions.

I have a friend at the church that has a Bible study class for high school age kids. I asked him today if he would be open to working together to develop a series on porn addiction and recovery. He liked the idea.

So, here goes. I would like any input at all that this forum can give on developing something like this. I plan to heavily use YBOP to develop this series. Particularly Gary's 6 part video series (not word for word, a few things will need to be filtered).

I am open to any and all suggestions. I'd love to hear from as many of you as possible, since we've all dealt with porn addiction and many have conquered it. Thanks, folks.


Let us know

what you need. It's a tricky subject, but I think it can really help kids to know more about their brains.

Even though you're thinking of high schoolers, you may also want to have a look at the series for kids on YBOP's homepage.

A great idea!

And very courageous of you to propose this.

I hope it catches on and will help young guys who are starting with PMO. I wish there was something like this around when I was a teenager. Even though I'm not religious, I know I would've attended. Just the chance to talk about it discreetly in a safe, non-judgmental setting while seeing that other guys my age and older are struggling with porn would have changed my life.

I wonder how you will get young guys to see that porn is actually dangerous and will lead to real problems down the line. If possible, you should try to get older guys who have dealt first-hand with the addiction speak, tell their stories.

Good luck! Keep us posted on how this goes.

I'll certainly post updates

I'll certainly post updates as this goes along. The advantage that I have is that the "leader" of this class and I are friends, we were hanging out one night and he told me that some of the kids had opened up to him already about their struggle with porn. He didn't mention names, obviously.

We talked about what could be done. Now it's time for action. People want help, and with help from the Man upstairs, we can provide these kids with the support they need.

I hope that the program that comes from all of this is popular enough that we can expand it to other age groups in the church as well. The sky is the limit.