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I have been posting here and thank you so much for your support so far.
This has been 125 days and my libido is not back at all. I have been a bit desperate.
I'm 36 years old, a porn user since 15 and a "heavy" user since 24 or so. My porn use escalated to the point I couldn't get an erection unless I used my hand and saw an extreme material. Even with that sometimes I had to force an orgasm with my penis half erected.
I am healthy other than this and I have a social life, I eat healthy diet, I started exercising recently.

Anyway, since it's been so long and I got really desperate, I half gave up and wanted to see if I could even really get an orgasm. So today, I decided to masturbate using light material (sexy nude pictures). I know this is bad, but the below is what happened.

My penis didn't react to it AT ALL.

It is a strange feeling. Like after you have an orgasm, your penis is too tired to get up and more you touch it the smaller it gets. It was like that.
I gave up the idea of masturbating within 2-3 minutes.
It is strange because before I started no PMO 4 months ago, I was able to masturbate at least.

Another strange thing; If I lie down on my back and touch my penis and lightly strike it on my underwear, it gets bigger even without fantasy. It doesn't get big enough to sustain the erection for intercourse, but it gets really big. However I noticed if I touch my penis directly, it gets smaller and does not react much (has to touch it on my underwear to get bigger) !! Also I tried to see a sexy nude picture while touching it just for experiment(I know it's bad), and it got smaller...I don't know what the heck is going on...

It's like my penis is saying, "Hey, too much!". It seems I'm still experiencing flat-lining but compared to other guys it's taking way too long.

Marnia said my testosterone *could* be low on my other post and I'm going to check it as soon as possible. But at the same time the cause does not seem to be testosterone because of the following 2 reasons.

1: I had libido before starting no PMO
This is strange but I had a "libido" to want to be with a girl or watch porn before starting no PMO. Now I don't.

2: Morning erections
Though this is weak, I do have a morning erection now sometimes (I would say every couple of days).

I will check my testosterone level anyway soon but this is what I thought about testosterone.
My hopeful guess is it is just REALLY long flat-lining, but I gotta say it is getting so stressful. Does it look like flat-lining to you guys?

Any comments, thoughts are appreciated.


Again sorry there are similar posts of mine on this forum.
I could have just updated one of my former threads but I thought it's worth a new topic.
Maybe I should write a blog...

Try not to use images

But maybe daily self-massage would help. Have you tried this? Tips For Former Fappers Masturbation with touch only is also an option now and then.

I still believe your brain is gonna wake up here shortly. Believe wants you to pass on those genes of yours. Just take care not to use visuals. Let your brain turn to the real thing...even if it takes time.

*big hug*

Seems like you've unwired to

Seems like you've unwired to the nude pictures.. Which is a good thing. Furthermore your penis is probably more sensitive now. hence the overstimulation when you touch it directly.

I think you should focus on meeting real women and see what happens then. After all, thats what you want to rewire to, right?

Good luck!

I agree with Thegdub, don't

I agree with Thegdub, don't force it, keep doing the reboot. I also experienced nothing happening down there some times when with my girlfriend, even after 3 months, 4 months of no PMO.

What i noticed is that when i was 'expecting' us to have sex, i would get more anxious and it wouldn't work. So, perhaps, if you reaaaally want to try it already and see if you got a bit better (which i don't advise), try it when you're not forcing it... meaning for example when you just wake up and aren't thinking about it.

BTW i think the touching thruogh your pants and it already reacting, is already a (very) good sign that you're on the right path.

Nevertheless, i know its so frustrating... just hang in there and trust the process!

Thank you very very much for

Thank you very very much for your comments/replies.
I don't know how I can express my gratitude enough...Thank you!

I have a question -
Is it possible to be horny or have libido to only your partner but no libido at all to other girls, porn materials etc.?

Yes we are trying to unwire our brain from porn, but as you know most healthy men would get horny when they watch porn or see nude pictures.
But I'm wondering now for someone who did this reboot thing, is it possible you don't get horny unless you are with your partner?? (It is ideal, but is it really possible?)

I dont believe its possible

I dont believe its possible to have only libido for your partner and for nothing else, but i'm not sure as i'm not doing or trying with anyone but my partner at the moment.

At this moment i dont have alot of libido for anyone/ anything, but when i do start making love with my partner (when we do karezza), i very fast do get horny, do get libido for going on, and do have alot of pleasure.

My opinion on this is that when i was doing PMO, it gave alot more dopamine then what your body is used to according to evolution. besides that, i could keep doing it as long as i wanted, without fear of anxiety or so that i wouldn't perform well towards a partner. That together made my... longing towards it (libido) big, and used to that kind of thing.

Now, with me, i got to get used to 1 partner, who doesn't always want it, not in the position/ lenght of time/ the way i want it, and who, if i failed, would get dissapointed/ angry/ etc.

So in my viewpoint its a combination of factors why libido isn't as strong as what it used to be towards the safe, known, P.

How i deal with it is letting time pass, and accept that at least for now the libido won't be as big as for the P. And practice, as far as possible, and get used to the new sensations, new way of getting the dopamine, etc.

I hope this helps :)

being horny

It's not a comfortable or desirable feeling.

It's nice to feel libido. It's nice to feel a warm arousal. But horniness is "lack" and isn't fun, really. I wouldn't want it actually.

I feel differently these days. I'm ready for sex any time but I'm not really horny. Now I'm in a different place, I have a regular partner and we do Karezza almost every day, and a lot of snuggling and bonding behaviors. I haven't ejaculated in several months and don't plan on it anytime in the foreseeable future.

Yet I'm not really horny.

So I wouldn't worry about that, per se.

Who knows?

Probably there are men that way...but they wouldn't find out - if they were in a monogamous relationship and didn't watch porn.

Even though it doesn't look like it at the moment, humans are actually pair bonders. Doesn't mean we never stray, but our offspring benefit from two caregivers, so we have the brain mechanisms that promote bonding...some of us more than others. Did you read this?

Guys: Where Do You Fall on the Monogamy Spectrum?

Hi there, I'm experiencing

Hi there, I'm experiencing exactly the same, im with you there buddy,I stopped porn last year as i started a new relationship before finding this site, so imagine my horror when I flatlined! I had no idea what was going on. I had all the tests went to see an ED specialist he said its all in my head "anxiety". He prescribed me ciallis which worked to some degree providing I still had my fantasies in my head. I did not know what to do. Sometimes I would go back to porn to "test" myself which didn't work as I went for soft porn in a bit to lower my arousal. Nothing worked. I have decided to see a counsellor on tuesday and I am 10 days of PMO free, my morning woods have returned over the past year and I get an occasional boner but nothing happens in the heat of the moment (without ciallis) but a 50% boner. I have managed to penetrate soft then work upto orgasm but this has given me tremendous anxiety and stress, pure boner killers. I'm physically fit goto the gym everyday and have a good diet, I don't drink or smoke and can't believe something like this is happening to me either. You are not alone my friend. Everybody that I talk to in this field dismisses that porn can cause this. I don't know where I am as I find nothing arouses me anymore not even the porn (I don't want to go back there) maybe I should have tapered off it I don't know, the only thing I can mention now is that with ciallis my focus has gone off my porn fantasies and is now with my girl, I am able to concentrate in her now. Gonna try abstain from PMO now to see if I balance and can get off these frikin tablets! Good luck, keep trying and I'll keep posting