Am I a freak of nature?Help!

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I been writing on YBOP and I want to hear helpful oppinions( if that exists ) from you people.I am 34,single.I been using PMO for 20years multiple times a day I was shy approaching women.Lost virginity at 27 with prostitute.Before my libido was so high,I could be aruosed with just looking at woman now it so low I get aroused only on porn,I stopped porn when I saw that I go for mor harder and harder stuff.When I masturbate I am erect,but when I am with a women I get Performance anxiety and ED,all I think of is :will it go up?And it doesnt go up,I can't get those minds out of my head.Now I am 1 month without PMO and I am determinated to go as much as it takes to reach objective.Before one week I had sex with girl,It did not go up,I had to masturbate to get it somehow up,and I succeded.Yesterday I tried with the same girl,no response.I masturbated ,it did not go up,but when I touched her vagina I came instantly.I did it two times.So now I suffer from ED,Performance anxiety and premature ejaculation.I get morning woods,mentaly and phisicaly I am OK, but something is wrong with me did I damaged myself with the overuse of PMO so that I am now freak of nature,a man that can not do what man is supposed to do.Will rebooting help,is there any help or hope please?

Definitely not a freak of nature

I think there are a lot of guys on this site going through the exact same thing. You've only gone one month without PMO. Lots of guys take a lot longer, depending on a host of factors listed here:

I'm no expert, but looking on the bright side, premature ejaculation at this point might actually be better than the other end of the spectrum, where you have real trouble getting off with a real person.

It might be helpful, when you feel ready to be intimate again, to try it with someone you feel very comfortable with, someone you can explain your history and situation to, someone who is happy to try stuff in a no-pressure environment. Someone who agrees that kissing, cuddling and fooling around can be ends themselves - not just means to an end of sex/orgasm.

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Recovery is nonlinear. That is, your brain is having to recalibrate in fundamental ways once you stop heavy porn use and focus only on women. It's normal for things to "swing around like a pendulum" for a while, from one extreme to the other. It can take several months before your body is responding in a balanced way. You may want to read some of the accounts here: "Help! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and libido are decreasing"

You're actually doing well, even though you're not healed yet.

THNX, Marnia :-)

Thanx ,Marnia,you and Gary have brought hope in my life.I bless the day when I was surfing about performance anxiety and on Psichology Today I found a link of YBOP .I just have to persist,be patient,follow the rules,follow the yellow brick road.Just did not excpeted that this is going to be that hard.P.S.By the way ,there is one thing in my country,we are getting bombed by ED medicines ads on TV,the allmighty EPIMEN is going to solve everything,ED is common to all ages and happens to everybody they say in commercial.Everybody brags about their sexual experience,and you would imagine how they walk with allday erection and everybody is saturated with porn,when they do not do anything they kill time watching porn nasties ,like zoo sex and they speak how that drug EPIMEN has made them a sex beasts.Does nobody see what is going on?Is everybody blind or do not have the courage to admit the truth and fight?Thanks to You and Gary I will not fall for cheap TV trick or dive in porn hell from which slowly I am coming out.Becoming an addict made me weak,but fighting addiction will make me a man,and as we all know becoming a man is hard.

Just relax

20 years of PMO and u expect to fix it in a month? I don't think so, don't want to sound negative but it's the truth were all in this together. Don't b so hard on your self, u like girls right? U just overdosed on the so to speak, a long break from looking at porn will fix u good. I had a wet dream the other night I couldn't believe it first time ever stick with it and stay positive and get your mind off your dick. I need to take my own advice
Good luck