Day 51 no PMO - Porn bomb

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Aargh! I was doing so well, but I have just found a 'porn bomb' in the form of a folder I was using to put videos that I have converted to a format the TV can read. This folder contains all my absolute favourites and I had forgot entirely it was there.
When I found it I honestly felt faint and my heart started pounding like a jackhammer. Instant erection and I am now shaking like a leaf.
I will try not to watch anything but the thumbnails were enough to have made me react in a way I would never have imagined. Am I so weak that just this is enough to begin to erode my resolve? What would actually opening one do? I would probably end up losing an eye.
I honestly don't think I can delete these at the moment, I just can't bring myself to do it. I know I should because if I don't, i'll just end up teasing myself with it, just a little look at the thumbnails, just a quick 10 seconds of video etc.

My god, I miss porn so much.


Cravings are normal

Everything is good with you, you just have a program inside your head, the paths are wired in that way. And you know what? You can rewire them. YES YOU CAN. I trust you because I know that somewhere in yourself you can find lions courage and steel will and you'll go there and just by few clicks you'll delete all that P. No excuses no mercy - you will conquer back your faith and yourself. You are the master of your life - and not any of desires.


[quote=Ksaver]I want to compliment you because you didn't end up looking at P. Congrats (;[/quote]

So do I. I thought this was a relapse post! Thank you for proving me wrong!

Well, I can

guarantee that if you don't delete them, you will most definately end up watching them. As long as they're there, Remember that, your brain has already been working on you to keep them around. Take a deep breath, push through, and hit delete. Let it go! I wish you luck.