New start and new plan

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So here I am again starting a new streak. My record was 2 weeks, I want to break that. My goal has always been 60 days. My new approach is self hypnosis. I've downloaded two recordings, one for masturbation addiction and another for porn. I'm going to listen to these every day, alternating the mp3. Hopefully these will get through to my subconscious and help me out there. I honestly have no idea what's on the recordings, I keep falling asleep during them haha. So anyway, we'll see how this goes and I'll try and blog more and post in the forums, it should help with keeping me accountable and active thinking about something other than PMO. Wish me luck!


Try whatever you need

but don't rely too much on external forces. When they fail (and they might), there will only be you left to figure it out. You can do it! Two weeks isn't bad at all. I've hit that mark several times. Generally, it seems difficult to jump right into a long term reboot for some reason. There are many factors at work, one of them being self-blame/hopelessness.