yes, finally my environment is going to be 100% porn free (for real this time)

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Yes you've heared this phrase a couple of times before :).

first it went like this:

- I installed K9 on all 5 computers in our house. After a while my parents and brother, started complaining about this new program, and they wanted to get rid of it. I didn't had the guts to tell them what it was. I did this very early in the reboot.

- The consequences of this, was that I had relapses quite regurarily.

- I asked my dad to put a password on his computer. This helped a little bit, but he doesn't logg his computer off all the time. Relapses started happenning less, but it was still walking on thin ice. Once I went 21 days without PMO (see thread on my blog) and my libido returned very strongly. Yet on day 24, I had a 45 minute relapse. All my benefits were gone.

- I had another conversation with him and I told him that I needed the help of my environment. I asked him whether it would be okay if I installed a porn blocker on his computer and if I would give him the password of it. He agreed!!!!! At first we talked about a possibility to logg of his computer after a couple of minutes, but that would have been too difficult in combination with this work.

If you ever want to know why my reboot took so long, well there you go, rebooting in an environment with 5 computers is difficult. Although I've had a couple of relapses last week, I'm still seeing benefits. But just the feeling that I'm about to get rid off it completely, feels really great.

And if that isn't good enough, I find a way to block google images through K9. I'm really happy with this.

During the week I stay in a students appartment, and I always do fine, but in the weekends it's always difficult to stay off the porn. It's insane, but you just know that there is this possibility that you're going to get some. It's like you get infected with some sort of drug...

Within a couple of months, you'll read all about my adventures in an amazing reboot journal.

thanks Marnia!

thanks Marnia!

yes tomorrow I'll be installing everything on these computers. I don't think I could have done it without the help of my environment.

I'll keep you updated on my journey!