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Hello! I'm confused. Shall I stop using this website for no-PMOF stuff, and migrate to yourbrainrebalanced.com? I can't tell what the difference is. Thanks!


marnia and gary

I think that's the main difference. on reuniting you get help from marnia and gary who've helped countless people before and are well versed in this topic. I'm not sure that's the case and yourbrainrebalanced. If you are gonna use multiple forums on this issue I would use reddit.com/r/nofap (great badge system and slightly more 'live') and this site/yourbrainonporn (countless resources amassed in regards to studies and in detailed success accounts).

my two cents.


Gary intends to help out a bit on www.yourbrainrebalanced.com when we get caught up after our trip. However, to get me, you have to stay here.kiss

That said, the less traffic we have here, the more time I can devote to Big Picture efforts like "Psychology Today" blog posts and so forth.

And the fact is that rebooting guys mostly need each other's advice and support, which are available at www.yourbrainrebalanced.com. You can help that effort by participating there.

I like both sites, but the

I like both sites, but the vibe here is deeper. It could be because the other place is new. Having some direction and goal of healthy relationships is important, which is what this site has to offer. I think Marnia is stuck with us though because it's hard to top this community. She'll just need to work on her articles without worrying about us :) see! She is on her trip and she is still here. She should be visiting old churches and taking pictures and hanging out with Gary!

that is indeed how I feel

that is indeed how I feel about this as well. The vibe here is definetly deeper and more personal.

But yeah, Marnia, you don't have to reply to every post from us. We definetly understand that you articles for psychology today are very important to you. Besides, most of us can wait a couple of days before a reply.

Also the guys who reply here, I feel that they are different then the guys on yourbrainrebalanced. Perhaps it's because most of these guys, have already posted on my blog or something.

I'm for both.

As long as I don't get kicked off this site I'm going to keep posting as I have for coming up on two years now.

I came to quit the porn but stayed for the Karezza!

(new reuniting advertising slogan...)

Thanks y'all.

Yes, as I fiddle with YBR.com, I'm seeing differences. It's kind of cool there, how each dude has an easy-access journal section. Maybe here is more for posting cry-for-help and theorizing-type posts.

Either way, we're so fortunate GOSH!