Confused on karezza

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I was reading that karezza is good during a reboot. I am On day 19 of the reboot and I was cuddling with my friend the other day.. I couldn't really get a hard on. After reading the four steps of karezza I see that it is sexual intercourse ( even though it's gentle) so my question is how do you have sexual intercourse when you are not able to get a hard on? I getting a good strong erection was a result of karezza not a prerequisite. If someone can clear this up for me, it would be much appreciated.

you can do soft entry

you don't really have to have an erection to get your penis mostly inside a woman. The technique is called soft entry. Although usually it becomes hard once inside that isn't necessary.

Karezza is not about performance at all and is fantastic for people who are recovering from porn issues (and those who don't LOL)

Oh ok

How is it? Does your penis hurt if it is flaccid and inside a women ( imagine it would get squished). And since I'm on day 19 should I maybe cuddle more and build more intimacy and trust before I try that?