Need Advice on Porn, Chocolate, and Cigarette Useage

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I sold my computer and iPod about one month ago. I haven’t used porn since then, as I have been literally unable to unless I want to in public. It hasn’t really been on my mind

But I do feel that I am trying to replace the porn addiction with chocolate and cigarettes. These have always been a struggle for me, but they continue now and I seem more focused on them with porn out of the picture.

Does this make sense in a psychological/neuroscience sense? Am I just trying to get my dopamine fix?

Any tips/articles/or whatever on this would be much appreciated.


Not sure about the

Not sure about the neuroscience aspect, but I've found that when I've taken away one thing I relied on to fill a hole, I have tried to use other things to try to fill that same hole. One approach is to try to remove on thing at a time. I personally prefer removing everything cold turkey, but that can definitely lead to a rebound effect. The only thing I can really suggest is trying to watch the sentences going through your head when you feel an urge to have chocolate or a cigarette. What are you saying to yourself and why?

I think there is a link and here's what you can do

I think that giving up an addiction leaves an emptiness in our life. I liken it to this: you have a garden and it has a big huge weed in the middle of it. You dig up that weed one day and get rid of it. Now there is an empty space. What will fill it? More weeds or something you plant on purpose?

You have to substitute for your addiction. You find other things to do at those times when you would PMO, or you fill your life with other things. Chocolate isn't a great substitute. I'm less concerned with smoking as long as you can quit. The key is to quit PMO. I'm not excited about addiction to tobacco but it won't hurt your life the way PMO does (I know others don't agree.)

Best of course is find another substitute. Can you work out more? Take dancing lessons? Do things to be more active so you are more tired and just come home and fall asleep?

Finding good substitutes for the *role* that PMO filled for you -- that is the way out of this thing for many or most people.

So what I gather from your

So what I gather from your replies is that I have a hole to fill from PMO being gone, and I need to fill it with something. I have had problems with cigarettes and chocolate for a long while though, it is nothing new. I feel that I am relying on them more now.

What can I do?
-Exercise such as walking, rollerblading, and hiking
-Reading and schoolwork
-Spending time with my girlfriend
-Planning out the future

Thanks for the posts, folks. It is good to get some perspective.