A benefit of reboot or perhaps not?

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Day14 of no PMO. My girlfriend who is a virgin is going away for 6 months,and wants to lose her virginity with me when she returns.She is going away in 20 days.Last night she suggested that we take of our clothes and cuddle and masturbate to each other.My erections were coming and going from 70% to 100% I wanted to stick it in few times,she stopped me.She is very religious,but she said tempetation is too great,she wanted to feel me a bit.I gave her oral,few times she orgasmed.I notice some small improvement on me,my erections were helped by a few stroke of my hand.Why I do not get fully erect on the touch of her body,why is so strange to feel her fingers around my penis,they do not arouse me,but my few strokes got me on.Why is that so and are these things sign of little healing?A sign that reboot is a thing to persist,a thing that has so many benefits.She was satisfied and told me that she looks forward to return after 6 month,to be in bed with me.


of course

your own touch is what you are sensitized to. That will change as you reboot. Just pay very close attention to her, her scent, how things feel. Anchor your attention to your body and those sensations. As you do this, you will get better at noticing this and what is happening will become more natural.