Long recovery.

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Hi! im 20 years old. I was almost 3 months without PMO.then started to do use and do it again with some weeks between them.I know it can take longer,but should I take the recovery easyer? like use PMO with certain intervals.Its hard to get connected to real girls if i have to attend classes and work.Yeah theres girls in school but not someone i could be closer.

I'd cut the PMO out entirely

I'd cut the PMO out entirely until you consider yourself fully healed, then maybe work MO back in on a schedule. I've seen lots of accounts of guys who didn't fully cut out intentional orgasms (some were having sex, some were just Ming with no P) during their reboots and they don't seem to get the same results as guys who abstain completely. Just my take.

As for connecting with girls- just walk around a bit and ask attractive ones for their numbers. Takes 60 seconds/girl. Walk around purposefully for an hour at the right time of day and you could get 10 numbers easy. Good luck, man.

Today i couldnt stop it again

Today i couldnt stop it again, "good" thing was i just watched porn for 20 secongs :/
Problem is that if i havent PMO for more than 1-2 weeks i am starting to get erotic thoughts before sleep that i cannot avoid as hard i would want.Tryed to stop it soon as possible,but it keeps coming back. I`ll put porn blocker to my computer also but still,i may get these thoughts.
I could just go outside for some time,but it feels weird if its like 1 am.i just want to sleep as soon as possible.
any advice?

also,i dont understand i could get without PMO for 85 days and now fighting with some weeks :S i know it gets easier within some weeks.

get up and walk around even if it's 1AM

then go to sleep. No rule you have to try to get to sleep at a certain time. Most of this is all about changing things up so you aren't tempted. Remove temptation. Change out those times when you are tempted to relapse so you aren't in that situation. You are doing something else instead.

I agree with emmerson. I

I agree with emmerson. I think you are still in the phase where porn is more apealing to your brain than real sex. You have to STOP! I would argue that you have to stop forever. Recovered alchoholics are still alchoholics until the day they die and there are few worse things that they could do to themselfves than popping the cork. You went for 3 months so I'm not going to go on and on about tips on abstainence - you can obviously figure it out. I am recovered and it is only because I have resolved to never look at that shit again, and it took me well over 3 months (like 5 or maybe 6 months) with only one or two relapses into porn. Of all the tools that can be used for reboot such as no M, no O, no fantasy, they are all drops in the bucket compared to NO P! Hang in there dude! If you can go 3 months, you can go foreverr. You don't need porn - no one does!

Thanks for support.Yesterday

Thanks for support.Yesterday i just went for a walk when i got that urge,it helped :) Have tried cold water too,helps for some time.Its funny how old brain trying to tell me "hey,you could just have fun for last time".But i am learning from these mistakes.thanks guys!

it's the same with every addiction

your mind says, just one more won't hurt. Or some story. When I was smoking weed, my mind would generate thoughts of "just one more bong hit won't hurt" or "you'll be not smoking for a long time so enjoy a last smoke now" or some variation. Diet people, alcohol people, everyone who is addicted to something has a mind that generates these same "it won't hurt you" rationale thoughts.

Just ignore them.


Actually i relapsed yesterday and watched P for 10 sec.Didnt have the feeling to watch more.I used to watch it for atleast 1 hour.I get really tired and stressed from school and work,dont have much time to relax and do the things i love.But i discovered that i dont care about P anymore.Whats left is the fantasy in my head now,all the old videos.I could watch my favourite ones but Im sure i wouldnt even care about them. Craving to watch videos is about to die, fantasy dont want to leave so early i think :D Really happy to feel the progress,even i`ve just failed.


Yes,i still have to be very careful and continue no PMO. I live in Denmark and dont speak local language,that makes it even more harder for me to find partner.But they still speak good english. And well I am lacking of self-confidence to make the nessesery steps. My physique is not that great but I am doing all i can to improve it.