My Latest Video: The Great Porn Experiment

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This the power point version of my TEDx Gasgow talk - The Great Porn Experiment.


Awesome Explanation!

Been hear for a while, reviewed much of the scientific material on YBOP. Surprised, but at same time understood, the longer reboot for young men compared to older ones.

I cringe when I see this. Watch the PPT instead.

We are trying to get the two versions of my TEDx talk and re-edit the talk Hopefully, our new version will replace the above version. We will see.

The talk you see was given before an empty auditorium at the end of the day. I was utterly exhausted, and my mental framework was not the best, to say the least. I'm no Tony Robbins, but I'm a better speaker than that.

 My original was screwed up by a technical glitch. That's why it was re-recorded.

The editing for the talk was as bad as it could be. To make a long story short - the man who caused the technical glitch is the same one who edited the talk.

My power point is much better, as you can see the slides and I added in ASAM and the 4C's"

Thanks Gary

Wow! Lots of good information there. I'm glad to hear that the ASAM is recognizing a broader version of addiction. I found the effect of porn on young guys disturbing. I didn't realize it was so severe.