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I've noticed real progress over the past day or two. I'm more socially fluid/dynamic. I have more of a go getter attitude. I'm more confident in my abiity to succeed. In fact, in combination with some other recent experiences, I'm more self-assured in my ability to succeed at nearly anything. Correction: anything. This has come about over the past two months or so. I think it's partly the no PMO, and partly other factors. Anyway, I have lots to do. I just feel fucking fantastic, supremely focused, and content. I wouldn't say this extends to women yet.

Anyway, my brain is scattered right now. Cheers.

OH YEAH. There have been two instances where I MO'd. This is fine with me during this process, especially at this phase. I didn't have chasers. In one instance, I came home drunk from a party. Since I've relapsed under this circumstance before, I thought "fuck this, I'd rather MO". And I did. It was different, and got the job done. Last week, when I relapsed with PMO, the cravings the next day were INTENSE. So, I chose the lesser of two evils. I'll allow for it from time to time. Other than that, things are great.