Wetdreams get more frequent with more days into the reboot?

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I am currently at day 80 of my reboot and I am logging all my experience I have done during this time.

My first wetdream was on day 21, then on day 42. So my frequency was exactly 21 - 21 -21 days in between.

Then my frequency changed: The next ones I've gotten after 13 days, then 1 day, then 6 days, then 11 days and my last one after 7 days.

To sum up my wetdream frequency: 21-21-21-13-1-6-11-7

To me it seems that my normal "cycle" would be 21 days if I have absolutely no sexual tension (no libido). But as soon as some libido or sexual tension rises and isn't released the body automatically releases with a wetdream.

I don't know, however, if this is a good sign for my reboot because people have reported that they got less and less wetdreams the further they are into the reboot. On the other hand, however, it is a good sign if sexual tension gets stronger....

Any other experience on this?

I'm glad you brought this up

I haven't kept precise records like you. I'm around day 68, give or take. I MO'd once, around day 40. After that around 2 weeks later I had a wet dream. Then I had another a week later. Then I had 2 in one night 2 days later, which was two days ago. I don't know what to make of it.

I rather not have them, but I just shrug them off. I notice that I orgasm in my dreams when I have a wet dream. The somewhat encouraging thing is that in my dreams I'm not watching porn as much as I used too. One wet dream came from self fellatio, another from having sex with a woman, and one other there was porn watching involved. I don't know what to make of them. It seems random. They could happen if I go to sleep drunk or sober. I can't correlate them to anything, so I'll just basically shrug them off until I know how to interpretate them.

What are your thoughts?

13 WD in my first 75 days

I think they're pretty different for everyone. I haven't had any in a couple weeks now (though I did wake myself up from one that was about to occur a few nights ago). Everyone's brain is different. I would say not to worry about them since you can't really control them. You'll know when your brain has finally unwired a good bit (I'm on Day 91 and I'm starting to feel consistently better). I would say if you start feeling capable of sex and start having wet dream, then you might want to start re-wiring to the real thing again. Until then, I'd shake them off and keep pushing forward.

Sounds good

Congrats on 91 days. I like the advice if you feel capable of sex and are having wet dreams to then rewire to the real thing. I'm pretty close.

None yet :(

I'm actually eagerly awaiting my first wet dream. I've only ever had one many many years ago in my teens. I'm 28 days in and nothing yet. But I have a feeling it might be due to my smoking of pot. Marijuana is a dream inhibitor so I only tend to morning dream (an hour or so before I have to get up).

Your PC muscles got weaker

In the book The Tao of Sexology, Stephen Chang recommends The Deer Exercise to get rid of wet dreams:

The exercise strengthens the pelvic muscles. It took me more than 6 months and ever increasing frequency of wet dreams to realise this simple fact: if you don't use the muscles, they get weaker and you come faster. Incidentally, during my longest period without wet dreams I was practising squeezing my PC muscles every night before bed, though I never made the connection.

knock on wood

I don't get them, never remember having one. When I am with my wife in bed I do drip a lot, pre-cum. I don't know if this relieves the pressure. Who knows. I also do Kegels every day.