Wet Dream wtf

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Hey guys

Im doing good, but one thing happend this morning which kinda annoys me. I was like halfwake, half asleep when I came, totally unexpected, I wasn't even hard. And it wasn't nice. Was this a wet dream or what? Why would my body do that?


they get a lot easier to deal

they get a lot easier to deal with tho...if your having bad symptoms following a wetdream eventualyl your body gets used to an orgasm and it doesnt give you as much of a hangover. I had one last night and i feel fine right now. in the past i would have felt anxious and depressed.

It's your body's way of

It's your body's way of continuing to reset things in your reboot. I haven't had a wet dream yet (still early in the reboot) though I've had them years ago. It might not happen again this way for you but something similar could, like semen leakage when urinating. Things will be recalibrated with time.