Porn induced ED - My recovery path

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First off i want to thank you all for your contributions and honesty. its been really helpful to see others in a similar situation to me committed to changing!

I started on porn before having physical relations with girls (around the age of 15, im now 24). since then i have only really had crappy sex aided by viagra/herbal alternatives. I've always had low confidence so when I became addicted to masturbation it really became a vicious cycle

Looking forward...

-I'm completely quitting porn and masturbation, I've tried to quit many times before but then I didn't know about the relationship between ED and masturbation fuelled by porn

-I'm going to the gym 3 times a week and playing football/soccer once a week, also improving my diet(im slightly overweight)

-taking fish oil, zinc and a multivitamin

-doing kegel exercises nightly to strengthen my PC muscles and breathing exercises to help against negativity and porn flashbacks

So far I'm 12 days without porn or masturbation. I would appreciate any support/advice. Best of luck to all of you in a similar situation

I have a question - will receiving oral sex from my girlfriend harm my progress?

Welcome to the forum! I

Welcome to the forum! I recommend perusing the yourbrainonporn website where most of your questions will be answered. If not you can wait for Marnia or Gary to drop in.

Congratulations on taking the first step and having such a well thought out plan. You can do this!


great start, wow! So glad you are on this journey. Let us know how you are doing. It's great you have a girlfriend during this because I think this can be very helpful.

Oral sex or any other sex is great, of course. Sometimes it may lead to a chaser.

That can make it more difficult to reboot. Many guys find it better not to have orgasms at all during reboot.

One thing that is very helpful is a lot of cuddling and non-sexual touch. That makes it much easier not to masturbate and to avoid porn as your brain adjusts itself.

Well we've cut down on the

Well we've cut down on the oral, I used to over rely on receiving oral because my erections weren't strong enough for proper sex. now I just let her do it when she wants but stop her if it goes for too long... I think this is a good approach?

general update:

completely masturbation free

free from hardcore porn but still watch softcore internet vids (mainly girls dancing and what not, sometimes nude)

started meditating around 3 times a week but feel i need to increase that to have any real benefit. also trying kegels and reverse kegels.

return of some morning erections and improved self esteem but i feel I'm at the early stage of this process so I'm not disappointed with the lack of progress. been to the doctors about my ED and had a blood test for cholestrol, testosterone, prostate and some other stuff but nothing was found. will return to doctor and explain my dopamine/porn problem

btw thanks for the links guys

IDK really... as a GP he may

IDK really... as a GP he may be able to help; possibly recommend supplements or other courses of action. Also, it would be good to help improve awareness on the matter. if everyone with my problem went to there doctor and told them about it then it could lead to more research and better diagnosis for other with the same problem.

what are your thoughts?

I'm happy to say

that a few doctors are starting to catch on.

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And even another one someone here mentioned:

Glad you're seeing some progress. Just know that your brain doesn't know what's porn. Stay away from pixels. Focus on real partners for now. It'll speed your progress. What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?