Addiction causes life to withhold that which we desire

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Is this true?
I read in the book "Seat Of The Soul" by Gary Zukav, that if we have an addiction and we know we should stop it, the universe will withhold a goal/desire that we really want to have until we have conquered that addiction.

Zukav wrote “The greater the desire of your soul to heal your addiction, the greater will be the cost of keeping it. If you – if your soul – have chosen to heal an addiction now, you will find that the decision to maintain your addiction will cost you the things that you hold most dear.” This could be your health, your marriage or your life itself…"

Example, if your goal is to be successful, or rich, or happily married with a beautiful woman, but if you have an addiction, the universe will tend to withhold your success until you have got over your addiction. It is a bit like a punishment reward thing.

Has anyone experienced this to be true?

From reading this forum, it seems those who have succeeded in conquering their PMO habits have found that they start to get attraction and attention from real girls. That is, their original desire was for hot girls to have sex with them, but they fell into the trap of PMO, and when they conquered the PMO, they start to get hot girls attracted to them. Get it?

I have experienced this before in the past. I used to Ejaculate a lot in my teens and 20s, almost every day or every other day. At 18, I had this intuition, like a voice in my head telling me to try my best to avoid Ejaculation, as it was ruining my concentration and health and mood. So many years, I battled. THen I learned the Taoist trick of masturbating with semen retention. THen my health improved tremendously as I ejaculated less and less. I started having more life force and energy and then getting dates with real women. But sometimes when I was without a girlfriend I also started sometimes going to brothels ( I looked for those young uni girls who worked in there, and pretended they were my girlfriend in sort of a fantasy game).

One time I stopped P and O and totally stopped going to brothels. I kept a diary. I totally went cold turkey, and I did it by repeating a mantra in my head daily "Sex, ejaculation, working girls, these cannot bring me any happiness. I want Love". After 1 month, one day I met a beautiful girl who was a 10/10, and she was attracted to me and instantly became my girlfriend. It was incredible. Never had a girl became my girlfriend so quickly in the second date. We already held hand in the first date!

It just seemed like before I couldn't even get a normal looking 7/10 to be interested in me, then I stopped my addiction and bang, this 10/10 fell head over heels with me thinking I am the most wonderful man in the world. She had beautiful eyes, the most beautiful smile, she looked beautiful even without make up, even more stunning with make up. Her body was sexy and womanly, and she loved sex with me. She could have it every day. She even wanted to marry me, but because of certain traits in her personality and mindset that I didn't like, I called the shots and broke up with her. Me?? Calling the shots and breaking up with a 10/10 and broke her heart when she wanted to marry me. That's crazy! I never would have imagined! But after I broke up with her, i reverted back to P, M, O, and young working girls.

So is what Gary Zukav saying really true? It is like our SOUL is encouraging us to conquer our addiction, and it is dangling our desires and success in front of us. "Do you want the addiction, or do you want the success? You decide"

Please tell me what you think.

I would say so. You kind of

I would say so. You kind of answered your own question with your story don't you think? It's kind of like Sex Transmutation. You can look at it from a spiritual standpoint or a neurological standpoint (dopamine being a "wanting" neurochemical, so having more of it in your brain will get your ass moving on your goals.) Any addiction will probably influence, usually negatively, how much effort you put in to achieving your goals and desires. Whether it's SOUL energy or science, I think they both point toward the fact that yes, giving up your addictions will at the very least "help" you achieve your desires.

Forever we stand between our

Forever we stand between our Greater Self, and our lower base habits and addictions. Which will we choose? Which direction will we move?

We are the masters of our own fates. Be men, and stand strong to what you believe you must do.