Day 4 - headaches, no appetite

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So it's Day 4, well Night 4 really. I'm feeling good about not watching porn. My soul feels cleaner, my personality real and my mind clearer.
But I've been suffering physically recently. It's probably not all that related to no PMO, but it could be a part of some withdrawal symptoms. Basically I haven't had the best few sleeps, and I've been working a lot lately - 40 hours a week. I know that's not a massive week for some, but I finished school last year, so it's pretty intense for me. Essentially I feel like I've hit the wall a bit. I need to recuperate badly and I know no PMO will really help with that, but I feel the first couple of days it can make you feel off balance, and it has thrown me around a bit. I think the energy benefits don't begin to kick in till Day 6 and after.

Mainly though, I feel lonely at the moment. I was in an intense relationship for 2 years where I always had someone I could call, see, talk to, share anything with, make love to, and sometimes fuck. Not having that and working so much is very isolating and I'm pretty sure I used porn to numb that feeling. Seeing all that addictive flesh blocked out my isolation.

I'm happy I'm on this journey, though. I know it's worth it :)



and bad sleep are all part of the withdrawal process. After about 3 weeks to a month that stuff will go away and you'll feel better than ever!


Me and my ex didn't end on the best of terms and frankly I wouldn't want to be cuddle buddies with her, nor would I have the time. There's a new girl in my life though, and if I had the time I could definitely be cuddle buddies with her :)

In terms of socializing I can gym with my friends, and I go to a dance class on Sundays now. I think I'll be okay with that. I'm going to try and go to a friends house once a week.

Thanks for the tools, I'm reading them at the moment. Lots of good stuff