1 day no PMO.

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It's my second try for rebooting, some month ago I manage to stop porn for more than 3 months. It was difficult at the beginning.
I had a girlfriend, but I get some problems: cumming to fast (less than 5 minutes). So I restart masturbation.. and finaly in less that a month I start porn again.

15 days ago, I quit porn again. But I continue masturbating (last time was 3 days ago).. and today, I start to masturbate again.. and told me oh.. a little porn website should be cool.. I stoped and went to you brain on porn.. and I told me: it's the moment to start a blog to help me to go into this rebooting without relapse.

So here I am. My objective is to stop porn. I will try to stop PMO for 90 days. Will see if I manage to do it.


It's tough to find that balance

Any chance you could just put up with a bit of PE for a while until your brain adapts to real sex rather than trying to desensitize your brain to solve the problem? It's the latter that tends to drive a search for "hotter" stimulation.

Good luck!!

I thnk that any guy who tells

a woman, "I decided I want my orgasms to be with real women, so I cut out all porn...and now I'm a bit trigger happy, so let's take it slow," is going to have a woman who is delighted.

As your mojo builds, it's fine to have sex more than once as well. Wink If you don't want to orgasm the second time, just tell her you're practicing your Daoist lovemaking. Wink

afoy wrote:

[quote=afoy]II get some problems: cumming to fast (less than 5 minutes). So I restart masturbation..[/quote]

If you come too fast, how does that lead you to believe that you should restart masturbation?

I don't see the connection at all.

In fact, if you come too fast, masturbation is the last thing you need. What you might do is perhaps try more bonding behaviors. More cuddling, slower arousal, not letting yourself get so worked up so quickly. And be patient with yourself as you have real sex with a real girl.


I understand the masturbation

I see where he is coming from with the masturbation. He was hoping that masturbating a little would desensitize his penis so the experience didn't make him want to cum as easily.

I actually thought about doing that as a possibility down the road, but seeing as it made him relapse into porn leads me to believe it is not such a good idea...

7 days no PMO

I manage to stop masturbation completly. Tonight I was with a girl, (first met), we kiss for a long time but didn't had sex tonight, she went back to her place. I feel excited. But now.. I have pain in my ball and in lower abdomen.. first time I had that.. it really hurt.. I think it's due to abstinence.. and huge excitation.

I will try to go with it tonight, hope it will pass.
Any of you have experimented same behavior ?