Never had a Wet Dream?

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I have never had a wet dream before because since I was like, quite young, I have been PMOing so my body didn't need it. Now its about Day 10 into my second attempt at full reboot and complete no PMO. I would like to experience a wet dream. But my body is completely not used to having it! How many days will it be -- or will I ever get them?


I am 24 and never had a wet

I am 24 and never had a wet dream in my life until I went no PMO. It took me 76 days of complete abstinence until I actually had one. Gauging by this website, however, the time period when wet dreams return is quite variable so your guess is as good as mine. But best of luck, and way to get through the first 10 days! They were most certainly the hardest for me...

It's not glamour

It's really a wasted orgasm if you ask me. If I go longer than a week without orgasm, I become susceptible to them. Here is the rundown on them: You start to think about sex in your dream even though sometimes it's hard to remember why you thought of it (maybe I am thinking into this too much). Then you feel the glans (head) of your penis begin to throb and secrete gobs of semen, which you then have to clean up. The orgasm wakes you up so you don't get the full enjoyment of the moment of sploogepact. Really if you ask me, a wet dream is the tell-tale sign of sexual frustration in a man.

The longest I've gone with no

The longest I've gone with no PMO is 35 days and I didn't have any wet dream during that period. I've never experienced one in my life..

But since starting the reboot I occasionally have a really sexual dream where I'm having really hot sex... I can feel I get close to orgasm but then I wake up.

As a matter of fact, I happened to had one last night. I even was aware of this while dreaming. It was really intense and I completely let out the sexual beast that's somewhere deep inside me, grabbing girls on the street and having hot sex with them (not raping, they just complied because I was so manly or something :) ). It was awesome and tried to get an orgasm in the dream but the alarm clock went off :P