reboot 2: day 25, flatline?

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I feel like I might be going through a bit of a flatline. I feel pretty good overall; being porn-free, not orgasming in over 3 weeks, working out, playing basketball, reading and meditating everyday definitely helps. Anxiety is pretty weak, I feel like most of the time I cause my own anxiety, while sometimes, I think its a brain imbalance. not heavy anxiety at all though and its always something I can overcome. As for being in a flatline, I don't really feel like I have any libido. It could be because i expend so much energy being active, however, my penis also feels very cold. A lack of blood flow is the cause of this. Some people mentioned this as a symptom on ybop. I also don't really respond when I see women. sure i can tell if one is good looking, but I don't get any physical sensation. Im not really talking about getting hard or anything, It is as if I am neutral. I actully take this as a good thing, because it makes it easier to talk to them. I also think, since i never had any partners before my reboot, I might need to get with a girl to get accustomed to the real thing. I know some other people had to do this. Porn addiction really is a legit fucked up my brain! Thankfully, it appears that it can be rewired.

One interesting thing, is that I notice when Im going to bed, I tend to fantasize a lot, its very very very softcore stuff. Yesterday i was so tired that i literally didnt have the energy to do so and i passed out. This morning i woke up with morning wood. I usually am hard in the morning, however, im never certain if its legit morning wood, or if its because im in a half awake fantasy. Today, i was certain it was not from fantasy because my first thoughts in the morning werent sexual---> another sign of flatline. Im making a point not to fantasize before bed because it seems that without it, I get morning wood, which I take as a good sign.

Since this has been an accelerated reboot, being that it is my second one, I hope this flatline ends soon.