I'm back after record 40 days

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I'm back after reaching my longest streak of 40 days. I relapsed but will take both the good and the bad. The good is that 40 days was a record for me, after trying to beat this monster for a year and a half. The bad you already know...a year and a half!
I was riding high on the benefits but I'm not really in a mood to specifically talk about them. The back of my head hurts a little bit, which I know is the direct consequence of the dopamine splurge I gave myself last night and today. I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a strong and disciplined day 1. Boy was I wrong, the chaser effect is a mothaF@#!

I will not be posting on here often. Instead I will stay away from the internet and focus on improving myself as a person by meditating, exercising, and working and filling every possible minute of my life with something productive to do. See you guys in about a month or so.



I understand staying away

I understand staying away from the internet, but it can also be good to post on here when you have strong cravings. The chaser effect is strong and does suck, but if you relapse, try not to binge, after once, just realize how shitty/guilty you feel and start abstaining again.


Our stories are soo similar. I just relapsed yesterday after my longest streak of 41 days. I started my rebooting one and a half years ago too man. Chaser caught me today too, so it's 2 relapses in 2 days so far. Don't worry, the chaser won't stay for long just stay away from Internet as much as u can. If I am not mistaken, you live in Dallas, right? I live I north Dallas too. Good luck.