Personal ads and karezza

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I'm interested in writing a personal ad to put on, a very mainstream dating site. Does anyone have any experience enticing women with hints of their "karezza orientation?"

hi there, i have an opinion on this

i've talked to people about this on several occasions.  i've been a single female looking for a karezza partner and using okcupid a lot until recently (finally found a partner, for now at least).  the reaction when talking to guys and girls about this is that they don't want to know that up front - that it feels more natural and is more intriguing to find it out in the course of conversation.  it's not critical information, like sexual orientation, so you're not wasting anyone's time.  as a woman, i'd rather go on a date and find out that the man had a unique sexual approach as things progressed.  i could be wrong, but i doubt that a karezza preference will net you any woman you couldn't have gotten otherwise.  i find that i still need my partner to be excellent and compatible with me in the same ways as i always did, and that karezza just expands the possibility that we could be together longer without becoming disgusted with each other.  :D

Hi, imnotoming. Thanks for

Hi, imnotoming. Thanks for your thoughtful response and your insight. I recently discovered okcupid, through this site I believe, and I'm very impressed with how articulately many of the women have written about themselves. Now I need to upload some photos and write my profile.