Will quiting from masturbation shrink your penis size ?

Submitted by anon32 on
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I am a new guy here. Decided to join here after struggling with PM for years.
And like all of you guys, i am positive that PM is destroying (if not, hindering) my life silently.

So i want to quit porn and masturbation.
So, i have one question, if i stop masturbation completely (COLD TURKEY :D), will my penis size decrease ?
Or i just do masturbation occasionally without ejaculating ? Just for the sake of uhmm.... maintenance ?
I do recall, this thing called "edging" ?

I do notice my penis does gets bigger after 10+ days without masturbation.

no it won't shrink

maybe for a short while but it won't for very long (no pun intended :) )

I haven't masturbated or had an orgasm in a long time and my penis isn't any smaller. It may be slightly bigger, dunno, but certainly not smaller.

Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.
Glad to hear it. :)

As for me, i usually succumb to porn whenever i am idling. Like, don't have anything to do. Like an autopilot...