My porn induced ed reboot

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Hey all , I'm a 24 yo gay guy from Ireland liveing in Australia . I'm on day ten of my reboot , and really loving this site and all your posts and comments , very helpfull !! I've been po free 10 days altough I did edge abit on day 5 but Notting since , this evening I was texting a guy and it got steamy ! I was very aroused don't no if this is a set back? But not gona let it happen again this means to much to me !! I've been mo for as long as I remember befor I even had pupes lol I have always been a very horny young man , been pmo since about 13 I think started whit erotic stories moved on to naked pics , hard core vids have been round the last 3 or 4 years :( . Have a lot of symptoms uncommon with other guys on here , can't remember the last time I was fully erect without porn , and wen I'm with a guy I get hard really easily but lose it just as quick and it's really pissin me off !! So I'm determined to see this true !! I've had few sexual experiences in my youth but web I did I never had trouble even wen it was with women and I'm gay lol , so on day ten and feelin really good so far , my head is much clearer and I'm fully focused to see this true , I'm not going to txt guys anymore till I'm sorted cause it always ends up talking dirty and it's getting me aroused altough during the last to days I havnt been looking at guys as bad as I normally do , think I'm getting close to flatline cause I've experienced it before and I'm starting to feel that way again , so here's hopeing !! I'll keep posting my progression true this so hopefully it will help others as other peoples have and still are helping me :)

Thanks marina ;)

It's morning on day 11 havent been sleeping great this last 3 nights , but my head is much clearer ! I'm still waking up with a semi tough , but while I'm working I'm fine , no sexual tought any more just need a pass time for the long evenings , thinking of starting the gym ,

Day 12

Almost the end of day 12 feelin really good still didn't flatline yet hopeing it's soon ! Sooner I flatline the sooner I recover ! I've decided against sex till I get over this don't want to delay the process , trying to keep my toughts unsexual which is proving a lot harder than I tought !! I'll keep you posted lol

Day 14

So I'm 2 weeks in ! I'm prity sure I'm in flatline now no sexual urges , but still waking up wit a semi , apart from that not much life down there , have no urge to look at porn at all it wasn't so much an addiction for me I think just a pass time , esspesally since I got an iPhone I had porn blogs as apps and lookin every time u got bored not to mo just for some thing to do , so my phone is clear on porn now and gona stay that way !

Thanks for d advice marina :)

I'm really looking forward to getting my true libido back!! Sooner the better lol altought I've always had a prity good libido it's more the E.D for me , I've never escalated to sevear porn it wast always quite vinilla and it was mostly real armature stuff that I've been into , guys on cam stuff like that so hopefully I reboot quite quick seeing as I'm not as bad as most of the guys on here :)

Feelin a bit weird

I think I'm getting addicted to these forums , I seen to b replacing the time I spend on porn on these forums instead I no its healthier lol but need a hobbie badly !!

Morning 15

Had d most vivid dream that I relapsed last nite woke up at 3:30 was so freaked out havnt slept since !

Glad this day is nearly over ! Gona have an early night tonight :)

Morning 17

I wanted to see how I'd react to just touch and sensation last night got a good 90% and it didn't go away after I stopped , was really horny after it couldn't get him to go away lol and precum was flowing ! Didn't orgasom but so good to see so much life in him lol and sensitivity to defo getting better !!

Well it's day 18 and every

Well it's day 18 and every thing seems to be turning me on , I'm extremely horny but with week erections :( which is really depressing , time seems to be moving really slowly :( but I'm still determined to beet this !

Day 20

Day 20 and feeling good :) erections are getting stronger ! Can't wait to see what there like in another few weeks :) I have no impulse to pmo or mo but really want sex !

3 weeks today :)

I've made it to 3 weeks and I'm prity happy with my self for making to this far ! I'm supposed to meet up with a guy next wkend which I'm really looking forward to !! Hopefully it go's well I could use the confidence boost Wink

Test time !!

Ok so I decided to test my self to see any progress , and to my delight 95- 100% erection and very sensitive ! He's still standing as I type this lol this reboot is the best thing ever can't wait till next wkend now !! It's gona be fun Wink

Day 1 on Forum/Recovery, Tired of relapsing.

I'm really going for it this time I need to stay strong Ive done it before(4 months) and I know the benefits of when I stop masturbating, my self esteem is bad, fatigued,confidence is low and my body is changing but I cant even go a couple of days without feeling an urge and having a computer screen in my face doesnt help! the first week is always a problem...

I used just touch , I no I'm

I used just touch , I no I'm far from out of the woods yet but it was great to see how strong it was , I didn't come near orgasm just left it to c how long it would last without any more touch and he stayed 95% for a good half hour , with no stimulation !

Day 23

I havnt had a good nights sleep in the most of my reboot so far , well 2 weeks any way ! I'm getting to a stage wer im thinking of mo'ing to so I'll sleep better !

I understand your logic, but

the insomnia seems to pass on its own if you stay away from masturbation. Guys have reported that it can take a month or so though.... Remember, sound sleep can be an indication that your brain is back in balance, whereas if you go for it, you slow your rebalancing...perhaps.

Day 24 no pmo day 1 no mo

Dispite ur advice marnia , I gave in last night my libido was all over the place yesterday every guy I looked at was givin me a semi !! My head was all over the place , and was really stressed !! Just wanted a good nights sleep :( so day 1 no mo I'm still gettin semi's today just thinking about a guy is making me crazy !

I havnt had any chaser affect

I havnt had any chaser affect yet , it was by touch only ! Absolutely no porn or fantasy while I mo'd , but had been thinking about a guy I was with earlier in the day which had me very arroused , but that was maby 3 hours before I mo'd

Day 26

No real extra horniness , I'm still really horny tough lol , I'm constantly getting semi's but try to change my toughts as quick as possible to get rid of them , I've put off meeting the guy I was supposed to meet this wkend , I've arranged for next wkend instead , just giving my self a little extra time :)

Day 30 no pmo day 6 no mo

Well I made it to day 30 ! Libido seems good and sensitivity is a lot better , but stiffness still hasn't improved that much , I no its only 30 days lol I still have a long way to go but I'd love to see an improvement just to give me encourage ment to keep going !

Day 31 no pmo day 1 no mo

Yea I mo'd again :( wasn't planning on it ! Was just checking with touch and I came in like a minute lolim not sure if it's due to the sensitivity or just the fact that it was six days , it was about 90% hard and the orgasm was powerful , befor I started this orgasms didn't feel like orgasms any more

Day 32 no pmo , day 0 no mo again

So I mo'd last night again I ment to do it I wanted to see what it would be like to mo after a short time to see if I would PE again and I didn't lol I went nice and slow no fantasy very light touch and plenty of lube and I lasted a good 40 minits ! Took a little while to get to 100% but it did get their and it was the best session I can remember in a long time !!!

Day 34

Not much new to report been keeping busy :) havnt o'd since Tuesday night , may be meeting a guy this weekend so hopefully things work properly lol

Day 35

I mo'd again today :( was feelin really low this morning and just wanted a release , on the positive side it was to touch only but was only 85 - 90% hard , but I'm gona keep goin and stay strong and hopefully beet this soon !!! On a differant topic if anybody who may happen to read this and have any tips on back acne I'd love to here them I no its very off topic but worth asking lol

Hey marnia , no its actually

Hey marnia , no its actually kind of got better since I started no pmo , but I've always had it :( I'm constantly trying new remedies so Im not sure if it got better due to no pmo or just the treatment I'm using at the moment

Day 38 no pmo day 2 no mo

Getting close to six weeks :) wasn't sure I'd make it this far , I canceled with the guy I was gona meet cuz I mo'd on Saturday and didn't feel confident enough to go true with it :( other than that things r prity good not going to mo this week ! I'm kinda mad with my self for mo'ing last week when I was doing so well but at least I'm keeping away from porn

Day 40

It's morning on day 40 and I'm really tired , havnt mo'd since Saturday , don't no if the tiredness is a result of my reboot or just a hard wkend catching up with me , but just wish I could have stayed in bed I'm really exausted !

Day 41

Question ! A friend sent me naked pics of him self I wasn't expecting it they just showed up on my phone and I couldn't not look I did get very hard but didn't mo , is this damageing my progress ?

Day 43

I'm feeling prity low right now I feel like starting my count again , I haven't relapsed to porn but I feel like my mo'ing over the past two weeks has set me back altought there was a few days between each "session" , its been two days since I mo'd last and I'm determined not to mo again till at least December ! I've told my gay mates not to send any more sexy messages because I feel it's just as bad as porn ! And I did sex text with a guy a few nights last week altough I didn't mo , but like a lot of guys hav reported I do feel like I want a partner rather than random hook ups , It's something that I never allowed to happen even tough there was some guys I really liked and still think about and regret letting them go on a wim , I think it's a confidance thing if I really like a guy I feel like their to good for me , I'm not worth them wasting their time with me , yea I have issues lol but I want to beat this now more than ever !!! So I'm not going to meet guys or go to clubs till atleast December and mo'ing is completely off the cards ! Wish me luck lol

Ok so I was chatting to one

Ok so I was chatting to one of my mates and explained the cercumstance's of my situation and he asked me to Skype just as friends to chat and one thing lead to another and my member was trobing and I ended up mo'ing on cam with him :( after the way I was feeling this morning I'm pissed at my self for doing it but it was very encouraging to see how hard I got !! I no this is bad and I promised myself I wouldn't do any thing like this ;( but what's done is done and I can't help that , sould I restart my count ?

Day 46 no pmo day 3 no mo

So I didn't reset my count , in still very horny don't no if its a cheser affect or not I wish I could go in to flat line and just let it run its corse , I'm starting to think this is gona be a very long reboot :( do any men go true the reboot without a flat line ?

So today sould be day 56 I

So today sould be day 56 I think ,I havnt mo'd in 11 days , I did jack off on cam twice with a guy in the week previous , I'm really pissed at myself for not sticking to it fully but I've learned from my mistakes and that's it till I see an improvement ! I messed around with a guy last weekend we were both drunk which didn't help but I didn't get near full erection , I havnt been on here much cause I'm finding it easier just not to think about it , my libido is strong but that's not much good when I can't back it up so I'm hoping for a flatline soon !! Would make it a lot easier

Been a while lol

Ok here go's , after a few slips mostly with mo or real guys , no porn apart from swapping some pics , I'm back on the good path to make the 90 days , pmo , mo and o free ,I'm currently coming to the end of day 15 and feeling good I'm 99% sure I'm in a flat line since I started this time round , still get very weak morning wood but apart from that I'm dead down there , and haven't much libido either , I did have a couple of fairly good sexual experiences since I was last on here but never got a 100% erection and pe was a slight problem on some occasions , I know my triggers now so I'm better prepared this time round , so second time lucky I guess , I got to confident last time tought I knew better but I hope I've learned from my mistakes and this time go's better