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I had a long talk with my partner last night about how "numb" I've been feeling lately. I'm usually always tired, irritated, and I frequently seek out porn to make me feel better. While she does not know I do this, she offered some other lifestyle changes that will be able to help.

Though I do need to get a little more sleep and maybe find a less stressful job, the porn definitely needs to go. I am a good person and I feel like a hypocrite when I do something good. It's like being chained down by this stuff. It sucks.

Well, today is my first day that I am resisting the temptation. I will probably be able to last the next couple days just fine, I've tried this before. Now, however, I want to end this for good.



Good for you. When one of my friends realized that porn was making him "detached" during lovemaking, I asked him how he figured it out. He said, "I don't know...2+2 just equaled 4 that day."

The more I learn about orgasm's effect on our brain chemistry, the more I realize how easy it is even for "angels" to fall into this trap.

Any thoughts on this article? (http://www.reuniting.info/science/is_there_a_problem_with_porn) I'm trying to express what men like you would like to tell guys who are just starting out, so feel free to suggest improvements.

It seems that everything interesting I learn about sex comes from the men in my life. Just about every key insight on this website came via men - much of the science via my husband who teaches anatomy and physiology - but even a lot of the "Wisdom" materials came via men, and most texts were, of course, written by them.

In short, I think you guys know best what you need to hear. I hope this site can be a place to remind yourselves.

Good luck. Addictive urges are a rough, but as you level out, they should become less and less frequent...until one day you discover that you're your sparkling self again.