Ejaculation vs Orgasm ..... have your cake and eat it too.

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Hi all,

I just found this site about 10 min ago, very interesting subject matter.
Quickly glancing around it seems that I am on a similar journey as many others here.
I have allot of sexual energy and have been trying to redirect it in a positive and creative direction.

As I read the posts I hear people (guys) saying that they are forgoing orgasm.... but what I am wondering is do you all mean to say Ejaculation? Because it is not the same at all.

Correct me if I am wrong here but if you forgo orgasm... you fail to build the energy you wish direct. This defeats the purpose. If you are simply trying to develop disciplined then not masturbating at all may have merit.

I wounder if it is clear that all the edging exercises Taoist/ Tantric or whatever are intended to teach how to orgasm AND not ejaculate.

If you are altogether denying yourself pleasure ... and orgasm, you may be shutting off the power not saving it up and redirecting it.

I for one plan on until building and experiencing orgasmic energy until the planet shakes and the very rapture is rained upon the people of earth! (OK I'm being dramatic.. but you get the point)

I'm not denying myself pleasure

I don't have orgasms most of the time and I have amazing pleasure that is much greater than ever before. I don't want orgasms. I want great pleasure. You build up to this somehow. This Karezza gets so amazing that words can't describe it. No orgasm and no ejaculation.

@emerson " I have amazing

@emerson " I have amazing pleasure that is much greater than ever before."

Ah yes but does this "pleasure" tend to build like a static electricity tingling and rolling through your body..... maybe even without stimulation... because that would be orgasm.

Ok, so for me I will masturbate or make love, like you the pleasure is higher then normal ejaculation induced orgasm because arousal has been given time to build and not released. I'm not just feeling really good, I'm having full on back arched, tears running down my face orgasms..... sometime with no stimulation. But they are unmistakably orgasms. I don't ejaculate but i sure as heck orgasm.

For me I guess the defining aspect of orgasm is the build and vibration of this sexual energy.

With straight forward pleasure ... ie touch sensation of your partner, you feel your partner directly ... it's great.

But Orgasm is more like your nerves feel their own energy... starting a crazy feedback loop that can run away or catch ablaze. It tingles, vibrates, rolls, bounces in the body. Often causing spasm in the bodies mussels, rhythmic pulsing toe curling ect... etc... this feed back loop can be within your own body or bounce back and forth between a couple ..... or group of people.

So are we saying the same thing? Or are you really not having orgasms? or are we defining "orgasm" differently?

One way

to find out is to watch yourself during the days after your experience. Orgasm is an intense neurochemical event...with repercussions that go beyond tears in the moment. Some people actually experience more overall pleasure by not going on that roller coaster ride. It takes time, however, because the brain has to become more sensitive to the subtler pleasures.

For more, start here:

Orgasm’s Hidden Cycle

The Passion Cycle

No doubt there are some folks for whom this cycle is so subtle that it's of no importance. If that's you, great! Smile


I think this is the 'official' reuniting view on the subject:

Theres quite a few other interesting threads, eg:

However as reuniting is something of a lab rat set up, all and everyone's contributions are welcome. If you are interested i would recommend reading Cupid (or there's some good shorter cupid articles on psychology today) , and then maybe telling us how your own experiences relate to the neurochemical hypothesis outlined therein.

For what its worth i have played around with some of these solo practices a bit, and while it did seem amazing, it does seem to unsettle me. I would say though that those experiences have added a certain resilience to our karezza lovemaking.

Thanks treehouse

I should add a question on this to the Karezza Korner page. What would be the best question, do you think? I sometimes have trouble clicking into "beginner's mind."

semantics, guys...

semantics, guys...
I believe If the energy is properly transmuted then it is technically a "valley" orgasm, which is misleading term bc it's not like a "valley" at all. You feel waves, like a vibration of pleasure energy through your body, right? However, I could be wrong since I have not as of yet practiced it with a female.

so, it's possible that in a transmutation orgasm that pleasure cells in the brain are still depleted. However, since we don't spill our seed, in theory, the cells build back up quickly bc the ejaculate cycles through the spinal fluid and up to the brain, and it contains the exact nutrients that were depleted? or recycled? or whatever.

All I know is that when I started solo cultivation and experiencing this intensity, I felt it supercharged my return to feeling like a man again. All those benefits that people say they get from quitting porn were suddenly coming much faster. For example, I never had ED or anything, but now in the mornings I have to wait a few minutes sometimes to get out of bed so I'm not walking around with a tent in my pants and I desire women so much more in a sexual way, yet, I'm not just immediately thinking porn-like thoughts about them, it's more like I desire their bodies and closeness.