Day 5

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I feel a lot better today than the previous week. I've gotten almost no work done during that time. I've realized that I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with a lot of things. I start out being super ambitious and motivated, and then I overwhelm myself. I also end up being really hard on myself for not succeeding. Failing hurts my ego, and my own fear of different things has prevented me from doing stuff.

I'm unemployed. I have been for a while. basically broke until last month. I am studying for the GRE, and I freak out and get angry for not working hard enough. I'll blame myself for not looking for work consistently. And honestly, my brain doesn't shut off and I get overwhelmed and avoid the (important ) tasks that are before me. I exhaust myself.


I can relate to a lot of this

I can relate to a lot of this.

Currently in a job i hate working on a bar, it keeps me afloat though so i can pursue with my startup business.

I have got better at not overwhelming myself with things these days, because i don't try and do everything myself like i used to.

Just having a business partner takes some of the strain off of me, because it's someone else to share the issues we face together. We also have strengths in different areas which balances a lot of the work load out.

It's really important to take one step at a time with things, and understand there is a flow and a rhythm to how to get things done. Something that really helped me was being introduced to wealth dynamics, which is created by entrepreneur roger hamilton. Reading his book 'Your Life, Your Legacy' may help you understand some of your issues with work.

You can get it as an ebook off the web store, that's how i read it. It's great just to read sometimes anyway, it can really de-stress you but this book may also have the benefits of giving you insight into why you're stressing yourself out i hope. A place to start anyway.

It's written for entrepreneurs who may be a bit lost in their way. is the site and you can find the your life your legacy ebook form the tabs on the left.

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