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I got one of the nicest compliments from my wife this morning. After some beautiful Karezza, over a cup of coffee, my wife told me how much she enjoyed Karezza and she loved how gentle I am now when making love with her. "You are so gentle, my vagina just loves it", "it has become so sensitive and you feel so good now", I was blown away, my wife rarely talks about sex. It was such a compliment. She then described how much more sensitive and gentle I have become in general. Wow!

So, one more reason to continue on this Karezza journey.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

as someone whose wife doesn't talk about sex either

I can empathize with how you feel, this is WONDERFUL!

Any time my wife brings up sex I really listen because it's so rare. And I sense it's similar in your relationship. But it doesn't mean the wife isn't on board, it's just her way. But it is SO nice to hear some validation. (Although the bottom line is the validation of what she does, rather than what she says.)

It really is

A whole new world, and to think it came from changing our sexual behavior, mighty powerful stuff. Amazing how our sex life/bonding life has so much to do with our life in general, simply amazing.

Another compliment

So, after another delightful morning of Karezza, for over an hour, my wife said "this so nice, kinda like an ice cream cone that never ends,it just goes on and on", LOL

it's nice getting feedback

I love to hear this. Because even now, I don't get much verbal feedback from my partner. She sure sounds contented when we are having intercourse. I ask her later and she says something like "I don't always feel like it," or something like that. But she goes along and seems reasonably enthusiastic given her personality. I would love to get more feedback from her though. I am still going on faith and based upon my own pleasure and if she doesn't want to do something she lets me know. Still...



Yep, verbal feedback is good, I wish there was more from my wife but that's just who she is, no need for me to try to change her. One thing I did the last time we were in the middle of some nice Karezza was to ask if she was ready to stop and she said "no, not yet, a little longer," which was nice to hear. So I guess thats one way to get some positive feedback, ask for it, which is better than none at all.

The other form of feedback I get is all the fluids she is producing, I cant help but to think it is the natural result of a happy, content woman, at least thats how it appears. I think it is like tears from crying, only it comes from another source for a different reason. Does that make sense?