Porn-related HOCD may call for its own treatment protocol (our latest PT post)

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I reposted this on the OCD forum

Also, I never really watched gay porn before HOCD, but as one guy mentioned at the end, I got it when I desensitized my brain so much from the porn that I couldn't tell attraction anymore. So, I thought I turned gay or something.

That is just such a great

That is just such a great article. It really nailed what, I believe, has been my HOCD and porn experience. Of course I am quoted in there so I guess that makes sense :-).

Differentiating between the two types of HOCD I think is important because the treatment is so different. For me, avoiding so much of the HOCD triggers (checking/analyzing/reassurance seeking) has really helped. That stuff was so bad for me and I didn't really realize it was making things worse.

I'm not cured but I'm doing so much better and I have so much of my life back. I think the cure is a slow process. Afterall, we are rewiring our brains here, after years of a daily broadband PMO habit, for me anyway.

For years all my sexuality worries made no sense to me. I struggled just to understand. Now I'm finally getting it and understanding what I must do to get better. It's a continual process. But 4 months of no porn sure feels good!

Thank you to everyone here, I am so appreciative of this community. It's made all the difference for me.


Well thanks to all of you

We just try to be spokespeople for what you guys are experiencing and working out together. This is a new problem for humanity, so it calls for new approaches.

Let's hope this information helps some people. Post it on forums you think might be interested (but don't hang around on them Wink ).