29th day - the journey continues

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Very focused very aware. Must maintain the attention to each moment that has helped me get this far.

Sad weekend , tough times.

Will continue, my path to freedom, my personal journey to be a better man.


Thanks emerson,

Thanks emerson, I think we all had collective sadness this past weekend with the tragedy at Sandy Hook school, and then we drove by one of the most horrible car crashes I have ever witnessed on Saturday morning, wish I had avoided the highway but I had not heard the news.

I am sure everyone has unique ways of dealing with these times, anyway, my way of dealing with it is sober and away from porn and M!!!

here's how I handled it

I don't read the news. I have been on a news diet for a year and it's been great.

Is my head buried in the sand? Not at all. But this way I don't get myself depressed and upset and anxious over stuff I have no control over and really don't need to know about.

It's just my way but it has been very helpful. I heard about the school shooting from people and I know in general what happened but for me no articles, no pix.

I think there is something to this.

Good for you for just continuing doing what is best for you.