Karezza and Condoms

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Hi Everyone, I just joined as I am in need of some direction and advise to help with the start of my Karezza practice. First off, no I have not read any of the books. However, I have read every posting on this site and every other website on the net, including the blogs. Unfortunately, I still never found some answers to my questions.

The one thing I couldn’t find much about is birth control. I’m married and I’m on my 11th day of reboot as of today! Last night, while in scissors position (new to us)I was just hanging outside of her vagina and being so wet I just slipped my tip in just a little by mistake. Feeling so good to both of us and being at the end of my reboot I grabbed a condom and tried inserting and just lying there with her. We really didn’t feel the energy but she did like that she felt me grow inside her a little. However, as fast as I grew the faster it went down. Since she was so wet, I didn’t realize that I was totally soft and even popped out, which screwed up the condom. We tried it again and the same thing happened. It only took a second to become hard again so I suggested we go traditional missionary and had no issues. I started off real slow (reframing from thrusting) and stopped a few times to try and get a connection. Since I was on top I couldn’t totally relax as I didn’t want to put all my weight on her. I lasted about 45min (I’ve always had good control) before I had to tap out or lose my reboot, if you get what I’m saying lol.

So while searching today about Karezza and condom usage I really didn’t find much at all. I understand erections come and go with Karezza but how do you stop from going soft and popping out while in scissor position? And does anyone here use or have used condoms that can give me some feedback? I’m looking into women condoms this week and might try this as an alternative. A little help for a newbie Please!

Female condoms

Hi there and welcome!

My lover and I used the female condoms early in our relationship and I think they would work well for karezza~~we made inserting it part of the fun (I let him do it as he has really long fingers)~~you will probably laugh at first because they are so different, but they work well and no worries about whether you have an erection or not!

Good luck on your reboot and I hope you find karezza as amazing as my beloved and I do~


I like the female condoms a lot, too. I've never liked the way male condoms feel like a one way trip, like once you get started you've got to keep going.

and condoms are okay even the male kind

if you have to use them, they're alright. They do require adjustments/worry and sometimes new installation of a fresh one now and then.

There is a scale of arousal, from 0 to 10, with 10 being orgasm. Condoms only work if you are a 4,5,6 or higher...so you have to be hard and stay kinda hard.

(When my wife was having her period I looked forward to sex without condoms although not on the two heaviest flow days.)

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for your feedback. My wife is not able to be on the pill, which has been a challenge for over 20 years with the use of condoms and the quick pull method. No kids as planned, but for our big 100lb dog that thinks he’s a big baby. I found that Walgreens sell women condoms but the only store that has them in stock is like 30 miles away. I’m making the drive tomorrow as I’m committed to making this work.

Last night my equipment didn’t want to work (first time ever) and with my attempts to get myself to rise to a point that I could even put my condom on I had a small discharge, which didn’t feel orgasmic. Actually it was a big surprise since I wasn’t hard or even worked up. So we stopped everything and with my wife leaving on a business trip for all of next week I decided to wait until next week before any attempts of intercourse to recharge my reboot if that’s possible. They call it a journey but I feel I’m walking up hill and have no clue where I’m headed or what I’m doing. Thanks again for the reply!


Do you ever order them online? I've used "Undercover Condoms" to get the female condoms~~might save you a trip (since you don't need them until next week!).

We’ve been dealing with this

We’ve been dealing with this too. We’re using a mix of methods as a supplement to tracking her menstrual cycle.

We’ve tried male and female condoms. We’ve also tried Trojan Natural Lamb. We’d rank the lambskin above the female condom. Although the female condom might be better for karezza in terms of erection strength not being as much of an issue, the lambskin ones feel better for both of us. The lambskin ones seem to allow for greater energy transfer. We find synthetic condoms feel like rubber bands, which can push us toward O territory. That doesn’t seem to happen with the lambskin based upon our early trials. You need to hold the lambskin condom on when you withdraw. NOTE: lambskin condoms do not protect against STDs.

Natural Lamb condoms aren’t cheap. The best deal we’ve tracked down is through Bed, Bath and Beyond if your local store carries the 10 pack and you use the abundant 20% off coupons.

While we’re on birth control topic, we also use a diaphragm with Contragel. Contragel isn’t available in the US, but you can order it from some places online. It’s cheapest in Germany if you live there or happen to be there. It’s lactic acid based and smells like cookies.