Constant wet dreams.

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I am 19, about to turn 20 in a few days. Been watching porn since i was about 11 probably.I've been trying to quite porn since late last April. I made 2 weeks of the bat, and loved how alive I felt and all of the new feelings I had about the world. However, I struggled for the rest of the year, as I started living alone in a single room apartment and going toschool. But thankfully over the past 2 months I seem to have found the strength to avoid any P and M. I was feeling great, and made regular 2 week periods with no wet dreams. However, the past 5 days have been a different story. Still no p or m, but I have been having ejaculatory dreams for the past 4 out of 5 nights. The dreams are very vivid and typically involve me dreaming that I give in and start p and Ming. It really f*ckin sucks cuz I feel as if I have just been on a week long binge in terms of withdrawal symptoms and depression. But I feel like I've been staying strong, that I don't deserve this and that the world just isn't fair. It makes me almost dread going to sleep cuz I feel like a wet dream is inevetable. I haven't really had much female companionship or contact, only some kisses on a few random nights. However, I don't want to have to rely on another person to find pEace within myself. I realize tho, that there's nothing I can do about the past few days except move forward. I don't want to just moan and feel sorry for myself too much, so I have decided to start practicing yoga and martial arts again to help outlet some of the energy so it doesn't all manifest in my dreams. I just wanted to vent some of my frustrations about life and the fact i have to wait another 2 weeks to feel alive again, and figured this was the place to do it.

Any chance

of connecting more with women? Sometimes even friendly contact can be very soothing. In fact, any socializing with peers seems to help. Are you participating in any group activities?

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Lately, I've been hearing lots of good things about the cold shower technique. Seems to help with mood.


Thanks for the info, glad to hear some people taking a positive approach to wet dreams. And I don't really get much contact of any kind, I'm in a pretty study intensive program, so I always justify sitting at home and reading or writing instead of going out. But your right, I will definatley try to seek out just some friendly female companionship. I feel the neurochem hit/rush even when a girl smiles at me or from the exchange of a few words, so I definatley see how more involved contact could help improve my mental state. Thanks again for the response marnia. I've been lurking on the site for a while now and you really seem like a positive influence on so many people's lives (including my own). Keep it up!

Damn. I am 19 about to turn

Damn. I am 19 about to turn 20 too and a lot of this sounded just like me.

This last week I have been having wet dreams too..they dont involve watching porn but instead are me with a girl which I am relieved about I guess. I honestly wouldn't be too worried if I were you. Maybe this is just getting out of your system? As long as your will is over your conscious efforts not to watch porn and masturbate, then I think your fine.