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Off porn-happily.
not wanting to be 19 again... but,
Erections are only fine if I've had 3 days off.
But my erections are iffy if I haven't had that much time off. either can't keep it or just don't get one.
In OK shape, but cardio is great, too much driving not walking enough... starting light cardio exercise recently
No attraction/or other issues with wonderful wife...

Tried arginine , grape seed, ginseng, ginko, yohimbe tea - no help

Thinking of a low dosage of cialis - embarrased and not even sure what doc would say...

What's the longest you've gone

without any orgasm?

Sometimes "ED guys" need a real time out to reset things. The good news is that given your age, any flatline should be shorter for you, because you wired to real women before you met highspeed.

I know you've not been interested in this approach in the past, and it's fine if you're still not.

What about polling the guys in your age group over here? (Scroll down to "Journals.")

6 day recently

these days we're trying to get pregnant though.
stamina was good after that though.
other factor aside - i'm 48 so all physical regeneration of course takes longer.
In that sense I'm not sure if ED is a misnomer.

i would suggest...

...that you do a reboot. After awhile your erections will be great again. You can regain your sensitivity that is probably lost these days.

I personally would go this route. It addresses the cause of this type of ED, which is almost always desensitization.

Have to determine cause

Are you in a relationship? When do you have problems with ED---by self or with partner? Is there any other underlying problem---circulation, smoking, diabetes, medication, etc. I don't think you should be embarassed talking to your doctor. Also, testosterone goes down woth age. Also, of trying to get pregnant, that changes options. You want to hit that window, but that adds pressure.