Can porn cause oversexual thoughts? Overwhelming sexual thoughts? Orientation questioning?

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As a guy who has been watching porn for 6 years so far (I never payed any attention to it before, and I have escalated from genre to genre of porn in that time span, I already know about my addiction problem. I'm also 18 right now.) But a couple of months ago the porn actually caused me to question my sexuality, see I always believed I was straight, and I still do because I could never see myself having and enjoying a relationship with another guy.) Anyway, after trying to quit for the past couple of weeks, I've been having unwanted, overwhelming thoughts about sex, for example, I'll be watching a movie and I'll suddenly think about the penis (mostly that, but sometimes it's other things, like taking a character and picturing them in a sexual act with another character) and relate it to whatever I'm watching, this also applies to when I may be playing a video game, or watching some sort of animated project. This can happen to me anywhere and anytime and I've been getting headaches over this and also I'm losing my libido over this too. I don't try to think sexually about everything I just can't help it because my brain is so fixated on this 6 year cycle that I'm trying to break out of. I also suffer from constant anxiety from all this shit, sometimes I also fear being gay. and I just want it to go away. I want to go back to the way I was before. Confident, and instead of watching porn, I'd be doing productive stuff, now I can't do anything without almost always thinking about sex! I want to be normal again.

P.S. I have nothing against gay's or lesbians I am just not one.

This is surprisingly common

in your genereration of porn watchers. Have you read this article? Can You Trust Your Johnson? | Your Brain On Porn

We've also heard from gays and lesbians who experience the same phenomenon in reverse.

The brain is plastic, so it changes in superficial ways - like wiring up whatever you get off to - and please note that anxiety, such as the kind of fears you describe, increase sexual the brain learns to wire them up too! To weaken a brain loop like this you have to stop analyzing it, getting off to it, worrying about it, etc.

You should also stop all internet porn, as it's the culprit behind the drive to look for more stimulation, such as shocking, anxiety-producing stuff. It has the power to do this because it is "supernormal stimulation" which actually decreases viewers' overall pleasure response sometimes. 

Lots of relevant resources here: I'm straight, but attracted to transexual or gay porn. What's up? | Your Brain On Porn

But once you understand what's going on, stop analyzing your circumstances, stop porn, and turn your attention to other things in your life. My guess is that within 6 months, you'll have no more such nagging thoughts. Your brain will be looking for other arousing spend a lot of time around real potential mates.