Summary of a full month no PMO

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This journey has pretty hectic there's ups and a lot of downs with it.The two main reasons I wanted to reboot was to 1.Stop worrying about my orientation & 2.Get rid of the Depression. So far I noticed I'm no where near asmuch worry some about my orientation as I was in November. I use to go home and Google hocd stories and how to cure it I even tried eating a weed brownie in order to try to clear my doubts up. Fortunately I haven't done that in months and I never even tried the weed.As far as the depression life still is kind of grey life doesn't have its "color" fully back yet but its getting better each day.Its been cold and snowing like crazy here in Michigan and I'm very ready for summer so that's probably a contributing factor to why things are so "gloomy" & "grey" right now but I've been dealing with this for 5 months so I can keep going as I recover!



Thanks Marnia for the encouragement Biggrin . It really is true I shouldn't be dealing with this in fact I should be coming into my sexuality and dating and enjoying highschool! This all makes my drive to kick pmo!