Should I force myself to do activities that I used to enjoy? Or will the enjoyment come back further into my recovery?

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During my recovery, none of my old hobbies seem interesting anymore, and when I do th they are not enjoyable, I can't laugh at or find anything funny even the slightest, I'm lost and I don't want to feel this way anymore, will the feelings of rnjoyment come back further into my recovery, should I force myself to do the activities I used to do? Or should I just wait? I don't want to do my hobbies if I'm not going to enjoy them, because it seems like a waste, If I want to watch a movie for the first time , that first experience is going to be the best, it wouldn't make sense to waste they potential experience when you know you ain't going to enjoy it. Should I wait? Or should I force myself to do these things? Should I go out more?

This is an excellent question

because I feel as if though I went/go through the same thing social networks, texting, watching tv just seem so "blah" now I hope they do return for both of us im sure when the brain is back on track things will be a lot better but I'll let Marnia answer this.

Withdrawal can be brutal

The blahs are normal in recovery from many (most?) addictions.

There's often a turning point around two months. How far are you on your recovery?

This guy didn't notice much improvement for 6 months. *gulp* The Science Of Porn Addiction - Gabes Story - YouTube

But I met him a few months ago and now he is absolutely sparkling with energy and enthusiasm for life. He has his own forum. You might visit there and get some support. Reboot Nation

Well then feeling like life is gray and hopeless is normal :-(

There are things that guys often say help.

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Socializing
  • Doing something constructive or creative
  • Time in nature
  • Staying inspired
  • Keeping a journal
  • Getting an accountability buddy at
  • Staying distracted OFFLINE as much as possible
  • Avoiding empty dopamine highs such as videogaming, meaningless TV, trolling Facebook for hotties, etc.

Which ones are you trying?

The thing is, I have some

The thing is, I have some books I haven't read in my room, but, I don't want to waste my first time reading it during a period where everything seems boring, if I did that, it would be a waste, right?

Feeding the critters

Everyday, I check and restock 5 different bird feeding stations, and refill two big bird baths, and throw roasted peanuts into the grass for the crows and squirrels. There's something about seeing the birds and critters and bees and butterflies visiting our watering hole that makes me feel happy and connected to the environment. I spend 10 hours a day confined to a billing office in an industrial district or driving on a clogged freeway so, this is how I get nature into my life every day. I think its why old folks feed pigeons at the park, so that they can feel connected to nature, and in a small way are caring for another creature.