The technology of Loneliness

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Hi y'all,

Here's an interesting video I found today. Any thoughts?





Hi Marnia,

Yes, I hope that perhaps we are tiring of our cyber society of which porn is a part.

I was thinking about this post of mine and thinking I should have called it: "The Technology of Touch Phobia". We'd rather relate to our computer screens and stay stuck in our heads than take a risk and get to know someone that might actually want to cuddle... or at least hug! We seem to be terrified of feeling.

I've had a few breakthroughs recently that show promise in my life.

1. I met a woman at my naturopath's office who is very tentatively exploring a connection with me that is about mutual support and healing (We both have physical illnesses that can be severely debilitating). We've had some interesting phone conversations. That's it so far.

2. The only other Osho discipline in town died of cancer in February. I've been heavily involved in planning a sannyasin style death celebration (see: It's forcing me out into the open more than usual and meeting some interesting people at a level that is profoundly healing for me (there was a great deal of death trauma in my early youth).

3. I was invited to a meditation group that used to hang out with this sannyasin friend of mine. They are taking an interest in Cupid's Poisoned Arrow!.

4. I found a way to experience the feelings of sexual attraction that get stirred up in me these days (bikinis are already making their appearance in town) without my standard repression or moving towards a person who is very unlikely to be helpful to me (no interest in healing)... I dance it out and explore my imagination at the same time.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video link.



I certainly hope so.

I'm not 100% confident in this new friend of mine. She seems to have her mind set on a marriage partner and isn't particularly open about her healing related needs. Creating a connection that is primarily about mutual support and healing seems to be challenging.

The death of my Osho friend was a major change for me. Osho has a very challenging approach to dealing with death. It's been good for me to explore it and communicate it to others.

I'm getting better at carrying on with my healing process regardless of whether others want to join in or not.

Thanks for your support.