My 100 day Non-PMO dairy

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I have decided to leave PMO behind.

PMO lately has been causing me intense headache and fatigue. I felt like I needed to stay in bed the next 2 days after PMO! Totally wiped out. So I hope my quitting PMO will reset my body chemistry and energy.

Disadvantages of PMO:
1) low energy level
2) depression
3) socially akward/shy
4) tired and unattractive
5) massive headache
6) no mental focus
7) no desire to chase women
8) emotional intolerance, unable to control negative emotions

1. No ejaculation caused by masturbation
2. No Porn that leads to mtb + o.
3. No O (unless it is sex with a gf)

I need all the moral support I can get!

[DAY 2]

[DAY 2]

I'm age 37.

Here are the few rules I made up to help me in this new journey.

1) Sleep early before 12am. I have been sleeping around 1.30am for many months, basically just didn't have the desire to sleep, just wanted to occupy my mind with something. Had enough of that because they say late sleep causing people to age faster and screws up our body hormones.

2) No coffee or tea after 5pm. (Tea after the evening will ruin my sleep, and coffee makes me feels edgy, could lead to PMO).

3) If bored, I will read a book, watch youtube, or whatever. Anything but PMO. For 10 days each month, I will be on business trip to an extremely boring small town. At night, there's nothing to do. So that led to easy time for PMO. Not anymore, this time I will avoid PMO. Sleep early!

4) I will do some energy exercise like Qigong everyday.

5) Try my best to open my microcosmic orbit.

6)If feel stressed, depressed, negative, instead of reaching for MO/PMO, I will try to think positive and/or lift those dumbells instead!

As I posted elsewhere,

The body perceives the two activities differently. For example, researcher Stuart Brody discovered that 4 times as much prolactin is released after ejaculatory intercourse as during ejaculatory masturbation. In the latter case, "the job isn't done yet," so the brain just doesn't seem to "reward" you with the same neurochemical cocktail. Of course, not every guy is the same. It's interesting, eh?


You might find this article interesting too:

But there could also been energetic things going on. Certainly, there are more relevant hormonal and neurochemical things going on. For example, oxytocin rises from warm touch (of another person), so intercourse offers that too (unless it's porn-style intercourse... Biggrin).

Have you tried daily cold showers? Some guys say they really help to regulate mood (and thus neurochemistry): Cold Showers

Thanks Marnia,

Thanks Marnia,
I think at 37, I don't want to ruin my life with MTB anymore.

Ever since I was 18, (started mtb at 13, mtb once everyday), I have had this hunch that MTB is the thing that was causing my low energy level, low self confidence, lack of social interaction, skininess. I had this "knowing" like an inner voice telling me to stop mtb, but I couldn't do it. I only was able to reduce MTB after I read books such as Tao Of Sex by Daniel Reid, and Mantak Chia's books. Then I started semen retention, and reducing my O frequency to like once a week, sometimes once a month. My health improved, I became more confident, I became more fit physically, not skinny anymore. But lately, I wasn't able to do retention, just wanted to MO get it out (feeling frustrated with my life maybe).

[Day 4]

[Day 4]

Didn't sleep well last 2 nights. Got a headache these 2 days, coupled with fatigue. This afternoon it disappeared after I drank lots of water.

Day 4, so far so good. Feel my body recharging.

Yesterday was Day 5, and I

Yesterday was Day 5, and I had sex. Not in a relationship with her though...I noticed that by abstaining from PMO, I get very obsessed with women and sex. Just want to chase chase chase them.. I did ejaculate during sex. THe sex itself lasted about 1 hour because I did retention, but in the end blew it! She was wiped out!

Today, woke up feel a bit exhausted, but not half as exhausted if I were to PMO.

Day 8

Day 8

Feel a lot better today.
While driving today, I could feel a tingling energy sensation in my perineum. Made me a little horny feeling that. LOL