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I was really able to function sexually with the help of NO P/M/O while my girlfriend was here. The sex was great. So your advices were all helpful and I'm really thankful for that! Needed to pop some Cialis from time to time but other than it was all good. Now she's back at budapest and as soon as she left I started masturbating again. This eventually led me to shemale porn again and yesterday night me and my friend picked up a shemale prositute from the street and had a terrible experience again. I really don't know how to get away from this. I feel a big regret and disgrace. While I feel like that it's nearly impossible to keep up with my social skills and I have to keep being social because of my job. From this stress I even started to lose some hair and developed reflux, I can't eat anything and can barely eat. Impossible to keep up with my school neither and I really miss my girlfriend. We talk to each other nearly everyday but she has no idea what I'm going through these days. Please help me my dear friends. I really need to get better.


Find a forum

with others who have recovered. I recommend, as its founder had a similar issue.

Also, learn about the chaser effect, as that could be at work in your relapse: What is "the chaser?" During recovery, consider a different approach to sex: Karezza is for addicts (too)

You have trained your brain to get its jollies in a way you no longer want it to. Each time you relapse, you awaken those unwanted pathways and strengthen them. The less you activate them, but weaker they get. Ultimately, it's your choice. Meanwhile, there's no good berating yourself, as misery only makes relapse more likely. Did you watch the videos at The adolescent one is particularly helpful for this type of challenge.