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Hello people I'm new to the forum and I want to give you a short story on how I started Porn and I'm also looking for advice to rebuild my life

Background: I started masturbating back in 2006, I'm 17 years old now so eight years of masturbating. I was in third grade when I started masturbating I didn't know what I was doing but it felt really good so then I kept on doing not knowing that it was bad, so then I got into watching Porn In junior high, watching Porn caused me to have poor social skills and low self-esteem and I still have those issues being a senior in high school. Porn ruined my whole life and I could of done more fun things if porn wasn't in life. I recently just went 16 days without porn until I gave in today, but those 16 days was depressing as hell and I don't want porn in my life no more if I continue with Porn my life will be hopeless and I will be nobody. I have BIG dreams that I want and have to accomplish but Porn is blocking the light and it's frustrating man. But I feel that God made me go through this as a test to test my willpower so from what I learned from my porn addiction and overcoming it, it would aid me with other personal battles that I'm going to have. My family and friends don't know that I'm addicted to Porn, I want to be able to overcome it myself to be honest with you, I want to able to tell that I went from dark to light that been in hell. I don't want porn no more I'm serious I'm tired of feeling sad and down. My upbringing is gonna be interesting it started with a kid who was addicted to Porn for eight years, not knowing his full potential then finally put Porn down, then went out to accomplish his dreams and proved his place in the world, so from Dark to Light is how it's gonna be. My next goal is go 17 days without Porn, so January 1, 2015 will be 17 days without porn then from there 30 days without Porn and so on. I appreciate this website shout to all the users that fighting tooth and nail so they can overcome porn and live the life that want to have, stay positive and attract the change the you want to see. Love y'all to life Peace!!

I think there are better forums for you

Try this one:

This is no longer a porn recovery forum, and you need the support of your peers. We have moved everything we know about this issue to my husband's website (which doesn't have a forum):

I would suggest you watch this video: Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn | Your Brain On Porn

Incidentally, it sounds like you're going about this in a less than ideal way. If you want to cut back masturbation gradually, that sometimes works, but you would be wise to stop using porn entirely. Watch this video by the guy who runs ▶ The Basics Of Rebooting - YouTube

Good luck! You're wise to get this under control now. It's not fun to have your life run by exaggerated urges that you can't control.