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Hello, all:

I'm new and have been using Karezza for 7 days. I have a latex encasement fetish, while I'm not experiencing any urge to look at porn, I'm still wanting to dress very much. Is it permissible that I use Karezza while engaging in my fetish? Will the desire to dress fade as I use this approach more?


You are always training your brain

to wire up tighter associations between arousal and whatever you're engaging in.

So, what you should do depends on where you want to end up. If you want to strengthen your fetish, keep using it. It certainly won't go away if you keep getting aroused to it.

Your call. These articles are about porn, but the principles of neuroplasticity apply to all sexual activity.

Are my fetishes porn-induced?

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Thanks so much for your work. You've freed me from the porn prison! My sentence was 22 years as it turns out. I think you're a great person!

I will keep dressing. I'm not getting close to orgasm, so all is well, apparently. Thanks for your time.


If you're not

getting aroused by your fetish, why are you doing it?

Incidentally, it's not climax, but arousal that gets your dopamine surging (and your brain wiring). Anticipation is just as arousing as culmination for the brain. Research has shown that drug users' brains are more actived by drug cues than by actual use.


I feel very safe, warm, and contented when I perform this behavior. It's 50/50 sexual/relaxing for me. Does that help with my psychology?

The issue is "reward"

Your brain wires itself to repeat what registers as "rewarding."  So, just as getting jollies artificially gets in the way with getting them from real people, I should think that perhaps getting comfort artificially could do the same thing. But it's up to you how you comfort yourself on this peculiar planet of ours. Wink All of us have soothing rituals I expect. I like meditation, for example.

My only thought is that if it interferes in your real relationships, you might rethink it.

Good advice

Alright. Sounds like good advice. My wife has no problem with my kink and I maintain several close friendships that do not suffer as a result of my evening weirdness.